Tonight, the Moon and Venus were in a pale blue sky

Lisa Fills says I need to be recording all my experiments in a blog.  The set-up will drive me insane, as it already is.

Driving home from somewhere the moon was a sliver, venus had risen nearby and the horizon still had the yellow glow of sunset.  God I love the summer.

Today’s experiment.  I make almond milk from scratch all the time.  At the suggestion of Dianne F., I ordered a sampler of organic almonds to see if there’s a flavor difference — between the different kinds of almonds and between whatever Costco sells and the organic.  I can already tell you the almonds I’m soaking tonight have a very floral taste.  Very interesting.  Good almond milk?  We’ll have to see.

I don’t get Kohl’s.  They essentially pay me to move the cheep Chinese crap from their place to mine.  How in the hell do they make money?

The picture has nothing to do with anything, but it seems appro.

Almond Milk Recipe:  Soak 6 oz almonds overnight in water. Rinse in AM.  Put into VitaMix with 24 oz water.  Blend 2 minutes.  Strain through “nut bag”.  You will have to use your hands to squeeze.  Strain a second time, I use an old Melita cone and filter into a mason jar.  Refrigerate.

Today’s Training:  (1)  Run 3 miles around the Rose Bowl (at 6 AM).  First mile had a bathroom break.  Last mile is downhill and was 12 flat (the speed of light for me).  (2)  Lift weights by myself, work on left glute.  (3)  See Lisa Fillis.  Last week was wasted.  I’m to find the 1200 calorie diet from Mike OR the first week of Arnette’s cleanse and do one of them.  I need a kick start.



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