Running through El Dorado Park learning about Wireless


Almost any night that I run in El Dorado, I have to make my way through the frisbee golfers.  Guys who look like serious computer gamers, out in the park with bags full of discs, flinging them at these odd little stations (pictured above).  I have no idea what the goal is, but the guys are remarkably skilled at getting the discs in the general vicinity of the stand/goal/whatever.


For the last two years I’ve run through El Dorado park at least one evening a week.  The summers are best.  The view, as I run, is three dimensionally green.  And, in the early summer, the sun goes down after I finish.  Even on a night when the run isn’t all that good — like tonight — the act of doing it is good.  Tonight, my feet were heavy.  Every part of each foot hurt at some point during the run.  And I was hot.  I think because I was wearing a hat instead of a visor.  (And the foot issues may have been a my new orthotics.)


The positive part of this “bad” run,  I decided as I drove home, is that I’m only in week 6 (I’m two weeks ahead of the Sole Runners Summer Season).  I don’t have to be as fast as I’m going to be or as as strong as I’m going to be in week 6.  I DO have to be performing strongly (and fast) probably in 5 or 6 weeks.

There was a little group of Soul Runners at the library parking lot when I started and I had the chance to talk to Heather about my wireless problem as we ran along Spring towards the Park.  Turns out that the “pipe” that brings wireless into the residence is X large (54 somethings).  You can buy various speeds of delivery through the pipe, but the size of the pipe remains fixed.  My work computer shows low or very low connectivity when you hover the mouse over the wireless symbol.  Verizon suggested I needed a new router.  Heather says that might be true (getting the largest pipe possible for residential delivery).  But she also suggested that the other wireless devices in the house may be sucking all the band-width up before it gets to the work computer (where I really need it during the day).  So before I spend $90 on a Verizon router, I’m going to turn OFF all the other wireless devices tomorrow and see what that does for the work computer.  (This really got bad when I got the iPad.)

The conversation this evening is interesting because it would appear that you can teach even the most non-technical person a snippet of technical.

Speaking about work…I had the opportunity to tell a boss today that “I love having a job.  I love where I work (in my living room).  And I love the FABULOUS guys that I work for.”  The BS of working is minimized when the surroundings are so nice.  And, at 4 PM today, I walked into the bedroom and took a nap.  So luxurious.

Today’s Training:  5.5 miles through El Dorado.  Walked the last mile.



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