Thursday – Spankin’ Clean House

Rachael came and cleaned house today.  You can more than eat off the floors.  I told her that because she’s keeping the house cleaner, I’m keeping the house clean.  And she said she noticed.  Ha!  I still have a junk table, but the junk pile is smaller.IMG_3666

Trying different picture placements.  Took only one pic today (for the newsletter).  Amusing out of context.  Good day at work — got a lot done, little projects started, big projects moved along.

Was working along this morning when there was a LOT of eating noise in the kitchen.  It took a long time to dawn on my consciousness that there was noise going on, and I finally stood up and walked into the kitchen — and there was another cat eating Snowball’s food.  This is not the first occurrence.  Snowball, it appears, is a wimp and lets other cats into her territory (maybe she doesn’t have territory?).  anyway the cat ran out, and I put a plate of food out for it (I don’t mind feeding others — just not in my kitchen).  The food was quickly gobbled up.

Went to Pasadena, had a good work day on SR.  Good spin class.  Atypical yoga glass — stretchy — only about 10 chatangaras.  It was too much for my just-recovering shoulder.  It told me that although I’m MUCH better, going to a typical class would be a waste of time.  I would be better off going home and writing newsletters and going to bed earlier.  (Note to self.)

Stopped at Trader Joes and bough a bunch of new toppings (mango salsa, guac with hummus, guac with greek yogert, just chicken).  Yesterday, on the way home from the movie I stopped for a little produce and purchased organic pulots (?) for a pastry that I’ll make tomorrow.  I really stopped to buy peaches.  This is the moment of the year to buy and eat them.  By the end of a peach it’s overkill, but the first mouthful is summer rendered tangible.

Training Today:  Spinning probably 45 minutes seriously.  Yoga, mild, about 45 minutes.


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