Not Hungover

IMG_0061[1]But everything else.  Last night I got to the hospital between 10 and 11 PM, the Boyle-Wilk babies were born just before midnight, but it was 5 AM before Kelly was settled and Joe was ready to leave.  Aidan resisted sleep until 2:30 AM (and no nap earlier in the day).  I finally made him lay his head down — all the while he was complaining that he was bored.  And then he was OUT.  I sorta dozed.  Sorta.  Sitting up in a icky waiting room chair.  And then I sorta woke up about 4 AM — there was a shift change or something, the energy in the delivery area picked up.  At 5 AM we walked out to the cars, I drove home, took a shower and went to WORK.  (I hardly ever go into the office, but this week I have to be in El Segundo every day).

The first meeting in the morning was with a woman who looked like she rolled out of bed.  Later I said to my co-workers, I didn’t even get into bed, much less roll out of bed, and I had neater hair and clothing.  Pretty funny.

At lunch time I ate chicken, cauliflower, and zucchini, ate out in the car (and the sunshine), and then slept 40 minutes in the car.  (This is not something new.  I take little naps in the back seat of my car all the time.)  It was gorgeous outside today.

That afternoon nap lasted me through a 1 to 3 PM meeting.  (Even I was amazed I wasn’t nodding.)  And then, I had to finish up a little work, so I didn’t leave the office until 4 PM.  (I NEVER stay that late.  The entire day was totally wack-o.)  Driving home I was tired, but again not falling asleep.  Finally home, I took a nap for a couple of hours.

I went by the hospital to say hello to Kelly — but she off holding the babies with Joe and Aidan — so I checked out all the gifts and snacks and left.  I saw 4 people (grandparents of another baby born yesterday) from the overnight wait — we were all amused as we waved.  (By the way, I took a picture of the baby balloons for this post, went and found the cable to connect the phone.  I am officially Mary Fasang.  Kick Boxing is coming.)

Home again, I chopped vegetables for salads.  Bagged and froze cooked beans for filling.  Thought about cooking peaches, but didn’t.  Did a load of laundry and dishes.  Picked up after a day of dropping everything all over.

Lisa Fillis is talking in my head (this is a good thing).  I am making a concerted effort to give up gluten, and to a much lesser extent, all grains except rice.  Lisa points out things outside myself, connecting dots that I never see (although when she points them out, I know they’re there).  She says I feel better when I’m off gluten.  It’s not that hard to do if you concentrate on the giving up; once it’s out of your diet it’s not hard to maintain.  This week I’m focusing on no gluten.  (For me, it’s important not to replace gluten things – bread, for instance – with gluten-free versions of the same thing.  I’m much better if I stop eating that food category.)

The other thing Lisa and Mike Henderson are teaching me to say is “how does this bite contribute to my goals”.  I did pretty well with this until I got home about 5, when I ate mindlessly (although gluten free) before my nap.

And now, I’m up too late, but will really focus on getting back in the swing of things, sleep wise.

Food today:  no gluten, all meals recorded (let’s see if writing this down here makes me to it more)

Training today:  I should have run today, but I slept instead.


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