Waiting for Godot…

imageOK, really waiting for babies. There are twin girls were about to be delivered — sometime between now and soon.

Aidan & LeAnn cropHow does a kid come worming into your heart? Nobody turns out to be more surprized than me .thHe is probably the first kid I’ve ever cared about. No, that’s not true. My friend Kathy Dudley has 3 kids all of whom I love — but they’re grown and having kids of their own now — so it’s been 2o+ years since I’ve had a little kid in my life.

Aidan LeAnn Endeavor Most of the time, it is the perfect relationship. He run up, tells me something, shows me something, or give me something and then runs away to do his own thing. Occasionally I catch him as he’s waking up from a nap and he’s just like me — leave me alone. But he comes out of that pretty fast and immediately has thing to share.

LeAnn and AidanIt finally dawned on me about the middle of last year, that we should take a picture together whenever we’re together (not just me take a picture of him). This is really a great idea, because he’s going to be taller than me, and at some point it won’t be me squatting next to him

.00 LeAnn and AidanThis is my favorite picture of us together, taken 2 years ago. He was just 3. He has just taken apart a Lego toy with 80,000 parts and asked me to help him reassemble. If you look really closely you can see my big hand and his little hand next to each other.

This is not me, but is so iconic — touching the Queen — as part of a summer run, that I had to include it.

Remember the VW Passat (I think) commercial of the kid playing Darth Vadar who eventually gets the car to start? This remind me of that.

And look how grown up he is here. Still wearing orange.

At the Wrigley River Run this year we were both displaying our rings…his is metal.

Aidan and me at flybyWaiting for the Shuttle Endeavor to fly by (note bandaids on knees).

With great good fortune, I waited with Aidan for his sisters to be born.  I finally, finally got him to lay down and shut his eyes at 2:30 AM.  At which point he was out like a light.  Sleeping without moving at all, just totally out.  (While I quasi-dozed in a chair.)  We left the hospital at 5 AM, and I went home, took a shower and went to work.  (I took a nap at noon in my car for about 40 minutes).  And I’m going to nap, again. right now.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Godot…

  1. Aw! So sweet. I know what you mean – I was not a kid person and then I met my niece. At first, she was all fragile and couldn’t hold her head up but then she got to be 3 months and she was sturdy and I fell head over heels in love.

    Where did you guys get your rings?

    • Mary, we don’t have matching rings. He got a ring somewhere — who can remember — and he wanted to show me his ring. “It’s metal” he kept telling me. (Maybe as opposed to plastic?)
      I’m going to meet the girls today…

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