Almonds in Water

IMG_0063[1]First you soak the almonds over night in filtered water…

This is what they look like a day later.  This water is the most cloudy of the organic almonds I’ve been working with.  This almond is the Monterey.  Now that I’m an almond expert (hysterical laughter)…of the three kinds of organic almonds I’ve tried — Aldrich, Nonpareil, and Monterey — the Aldrich almond is very floral, but the milk is not, the Nonpareil almond is what I think of as almond flavor, and the Monterey is not quite what my taste buds think of as almond, but it’s fine.

I bought them from D&S Ranch (  The sample pack is 3 8-oz vacuum sealed bags for $10, you can buy up to two sample packs.  10 pounds of Aldrich almonds is $65, and includes the shipping.  Let’s see, I bought 3 pounds of samples and its going to last me 6 weeks; 10 pounds would last – I can’t do the math, but a long time.  Three months?  I wonder if you can freeze almonds.

Before this purchase, I was using 6 oz of almonds and 4 cups of water in the VitaMix.  Since the sample package is 8 oz, I’ve been using the whole package.  Prior to the current batch (which I just finished), I used 4 cups of filtered water…but today I used 5 cups of water.  The yield isn’t 5 full cups of course, but something over 4.

I also purchased organic honey.  I’m VERY interested in making my own honey and helping the bee population.  There’s a bee keeping organization in Long Beach, and they meet the first Sunday of every month.  The guy I talked to said when I’m ready, they’ll help me set up a hive with a rescue hive.  Mary Fasang is interested, too, but I’m the one with the back yard.

I did not get a garden in this summer.  The time to do it came I was focused on other things (although what, I cannot tell you now).

IMG_0057[1]IMG_0058[1]Random pics from Monday night, waiting for the girls to arrive.  Note the little bunny in the blankie in the background.  So cute.

Today I registered for the Xterra Snow Valley Half, completing my dance card for the summer.I’m doing a half at the end of every month (except August, when I’m doing a full), so I can track my progress across the summer.  This is a different approach than last year — but better, I think.  This week I mostly slept — my training consisted of a pathetic 10K on Sunday, a massage, and a spinning class.  So I better run well and without complaint tomorrow!

Food tracking today:  all recorded

Training today:  rest


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