A Sunday Without Plans

IMG_0072[1]Here’s the dirigible from last night, floating down for a landing today.  The kids in the neighborhood were jumping around as the thing flew over.  It’s advertising a new/coming movie.

IMG_0071[1] I went to a place today that is a converted warehouse, in the extended port of LA landscape, that has been converted into a shared space for craft persons.  It has all sorts of products — soaps, purses, jewelry, food — all made by small businesses that are somewhat local.  Of all the stuff that I saw (jewelry, specially) there was only one outrageously overpriced shop.  It’s called Crafty, it’s at the end of the 110 freeway, beyond Ports ‘o’ Call.  The signage is good to take you there.  It’s free.  And it’s open 11-6 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  If you live within 30 minutes, it would be a fun thing to do.  I met Kate McKena there, we walked around and she spoke to people, then we went to lunch.  A really nice, nothing planned day.

When lunch was over, I went to Sprouts and bought all the bits and pieces I was missing for the recipes I completed tonight.  (Did you know you can buy herbs and spices by the pinch at Sprouts?  It lets me try odd recipes without spending a fortune on spices I’ve never used before (and probably won’t use again).

Then, in the early evening I went and sat with the tiniest beings I’ve ever been with.  (OK, humming birds are smaller.)  Tiny preemie babies smaller than my cat.  Really.  Heads the size of an orange.  When they’re much older and running around like crazy, I’m going to remind them that I held them when their head was smaller than an orange.  And Kelly took picture of me — I look deranged, my smile is so big.  (Hummm?)  Interesting to know the babies inside of her, so to speak, and then to meet them outside of her.

Then I cooked while tracking a friend approaching the finish line of the IRONMAN in Idaho.  I have a friend who was making his third attempt to finish the damn thing.  (Twice before he has major bike failures when metal parts failed.)  It was VERY inspiring to see him finish.  Big shout out to PaiWai Wei!  This is the second time that I’ve watched the ending of an IRONMAN…it makes me want to go and clap for the finishers.  (It also makes me want to think about doing one.  Sometime in the far distant future…like my next reincarnation.)

IMG_0076[1]So  The cuke/onion/pepper in a jar thing turned out to be too sweet.  Isn’t that odd.  (It wouldn’t have been if I had READ the recipe before making it.  I picked it because it looked good in jars, and I have jars.)  The sauce is 2 cups of sugar and a cup of vinegar, which you boil into a syrup.  It’s OK…and maybe it will be better in a couple of days.

IMG_0078[1]The potato was the big hit of the night…I’ve tried it before and it didn’t brown up.  So this time I peeled the top 1/2 of one and left one unpeeled.  In the picture, the peeled potato got brown edges.  Worth repeating.

IMG_0083[1] The green stuff in the jar is avocado dressing.  (Only Californians should even consider this.)  It’s pretty good.

Food Today:  Recorded

Training Today: Rest


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