Into the Woods

IMG_0312In the summer I run through El Dorado Park at least one evening a week.  There’s a three mile loop and a 6 mile loop and occasionally, I’ll stretch it into 9 miles.  This is the view.  All shades of green.  I love it.  I ran tonight with Heather, Colbie, and Hiroko — and the dogs Murphy and Riley.  Actually they all (including the dogs) ran ‘way ahead of me…I wasn’t too fast tonight…and they are all faster than me, anyway.  But we all met at the end for a little while.

This morning early I got up at 5 AM to run with my Coach.  Then I went into the office for awhile.  Then I came home and worked a couple more hours.  And took a nap.  (Getting up super early means there’s a nap in my day.)  And then I went over to El Dorado for a group run.

Later I drove to Long Beach State to inspect the track and then to Sprouts to buy ingredients for homemade, healthy bbq sauce (that’s the official name of the stuff).  I made it essentially from scratch.  It’s delicious.  Because Sprouts will sell you as little of a bulk spice as you wish to purchase, I find I am putting all the odd-ball ingredients of recipes into the food — because I don’t have to buy a $5 jar of spice (that I might not use again).  So I’m trying lots more things.IMG_0316

Food today:  Recorded

Plan for tomorrow:  done

Today’s Training:  3.2 miles around the Rose Bowl at race pace (with a potty break), 3.2 miles around El Dorado


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