The House Opens

6-25-13 Keleigh Aidan AddisonThis picture has nothing to do with what I’m thinking about today, but it’s such a lovely picture, I’m putting it it.

That’s not exactly true.  When Aidan is being especially charming, I often warn his parents that he will, in fact be 15 (implying annoying) some day. However, in this picture, on this day (I think it was yesterday) he could not more fabulous.  Look at that smile.  In this picture, the girls’ heads are the size of an orange.  They are 1/2 the size of my cat!  Someday they will very likely be as tall as their mother — which is a heck of a lot taller than me.

In my facebook world, there are probably 10 kids aged 1 year or younger amongst my FB friends.  At least 4 are aged between 3 months and 8 days.  All this renewal has made me reflect upon my beginnings…the very beginnings.  Fathers (in particular) were so different when I was born.  I hope that my dad was as crazy about me as my male friends seem to be about their current kids.  I doubt it, tho.

When I arrived, the whole birth thing took place somewhere else (literally behind the curtain) and the dad got the news from the nurse or somebody.  Other than the crying thing, dads could choose to absent themselves from kids back then.  (And now, too, certainly, but there’s been such a titanic shift, I don’t know any who do.)

My dad was an elementary school teacher when I was born.  I wonder if he was a little more into his kids than, say, a business man would have been — because he had chosen a profession dealing with kids.  (He changed careers when I was in 4th grade going into computers.)

I’ve talked about it with several people this week.  We all think about the same thing.  It was so different.  Dads were so different…so distant.

The other thing I’ve wondered about Aidan is what will stick with him in his conscious memory about all the activity of his life thus far (which probably now falls into the “before” of the girls).   I don’t remember anything before kindergarten.  (I remember a lot once kindergarten started, tho.)  Aidan is having all these adventures so early in his life — running in races – going to Disneyland – having sisters.  I had siblings, too, and I don’t remember anything about them arriving (and for one of them I was 7).  On the other hand, these arrivals (actually Aidan’s entire life) is so more thoroughly documented through pictures – there will be more to remind him even when he doesn’t remember.

Equally important other thoughts:

Today is the day that the Supreme Court started the (maybe slow) legal process to allow all peep the freedom to marry whomever they choose.  I LOVE watching the conservatives sputter about the imminent end of life as we know it.  (OK, I just love watching conservatives sputter.)  I’d like to find another word for the union — so that peep could “whatever” at city hall.  And if, and only if, they chose, they could also marry in church.  Who the heck needs this process certified in a church?  I have always been a proponent of civil union — but not in the mealy mouthed way that politicians and others used the phrase.  I wanted (and want) the basis of all joinings to be a civil union that can subsequently be celebrated in a church or in a hot tub or by skydiving — if the peep involved wish.

The bbq sauce that I made yesterday is a tiny bit too tomato-y.  But had good depth and body.  It’s pretty thick.  tomorrow I’m going to use it in another project.

The glute in my right butt is not firing.  Mike keeps putting me in positions to get it to fire and it doesn’t.  The whole left side of my body is compensating.  He’s going to work on finding exercises to bring it back to the attention of the brain, so that responsibility for movement can be re-routed to it again.

Food today:  recorded

Plan for tomorrow:  done

Training Today:  lifted weights with Mike, got a massage (fell asleep on the table for awhile)


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