I LOVE Summer

IMG_0096[1]Sunset in LA today.  Driving south on the 710 freeway.  So beautiful that I had to take pictures while I drove.

This is a good news/bad news day.  Usually in AUGUST I walked out of the gym (in Pasadena) at 8:30 on Thursday nights are the weather is body temperature and it’s beautiful.  Today it was just like that.  Except it was 7:30.  And only the end of June.

IMG_0094[1]That’s LA ‘way off in the distance (again while I’m driving).  I think downtown looks like the Emerald City from almost anywhere in the basin.  I love LA (cue Randy Newman).  Even with no downtown a fun as San Diego’s Gaslamp District.  Even with no Wrigleyville.  Even with no Georgetown.  And while I love it in the summer (even in the smog and the heat), I REALLY love it in the winter.  I always say, we pay extra for that “no snow” feature.

IMG_0093[1]The super pink clouds tonight were amazing.

So for me, it was a long, cold rainy winter (apologies to Lennon/McCartny).  After a couple of years of mild.  I got out my fuzzy warm tops this winter for the first time in a couple of years.  So, I wonder will it be equally “violent” in the other direction; super hot this summer?

I’m running in the Pasadena Half Marathon on Sunday.  (I’m doing a half at the end of each month this summer, except the month I end with a full, and then I’m doing a half the next weekend.)  Today in Pasadena it was 80 at 8 AM.  I will certainly be running at 8 AM on Sunday.  But you can only do what you can do in the weather you get.  I’d feel more secure if my coach, the weather moderator, knock wood, were going to be around on Sunday, but I think he has to be running, not just physically in the vicinity for the jujube to work.  I’m going to work on a strong race but give the course (lots of hills), a PR was never in my plans.

IMG_0090[1]Finally, before I got swept away with the sunset, I had planned to mention the herbs I’m growing this summer.  Last summer I had a huge garden, this summer I have basil and rosemary.  I put coffee grounds on them at least 2 months ago.  I have no idea what good that does, but it apparently is supposed to do some good.   And, because I do everything that’s on FB this summer, my sister said she got lots more basil leaves by pinching off the flowers.  So I did that today.  We’ll see.

As I read FB, these days, I write down the good quotes.  Today there was a good one that should have been from Jimmy Buffett:  Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a pirate.  Then always be a pirate.

Last thought of the day.  Twitter?  Yvonne Flores joined Twitter and sent me an invite.  So I joined, again.  I totally don’t get it.  I think FB does for me anything Twitter would do.  Whatever.

Food today:  recorded

Plan for tomorrow:  done

Training today:  50 minutes of spinning, including Tabada intervals



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