Black-Bean Brownies

These “brownies” are based on black beans.  So they are gluten free, high in fiber, and relatively low in sugar.  And they’re pretty good.  Interesting.  (Thank you Marathon Goddess Julie Weiss for the link that brought these to me.)

I’m having an odd year.  Every interesting recipe that comes along on Facebook — I make it.  One of the things that helps is that Sprouts will let you buy a pinch or a pound of a spice.  So you don’t have to pay $5 for something you might never use again.  But the other thing is that I’m just in the mood.

I gave up gluten about 10 days before.  (I’ve done it before.)  It’s not that hard if you concentrate on it.  But you do have to think about every bite.  In the house, not so difficult.  Eating out, much harder.  You have to look at every thing and the ingredients.  However, be that as it maybe, it ‘s doable.  And once undertaken, you can do it.

I work a schedule that allows me every 10th work day off.  Called 9/80, it requires peep to work 9 hours a day for 8 days, 8 hours for 1 day — 80 hours in 9 days.  Because I get to work at home, I give the company extra time for the fabulous convenience.  So even tho’ today was a 9/80 day, I worked about 5 hours.  While I working, my college kid (the kid of a friend home from college for the summer) was cleaning my house.  My house is super squeeky clean.  I wish I could find a local college kid who needed the money and would do an equally fabulous job to over-pay for cleaning when Rachael goes back to college at the end of August.

Later, I went to Allen Arnette today for acupuncture.  He gave me a couple of glute-firing yoga moves.  Something about him just resonates with me.  Driving to the appointment, down Studebaker in Long Beach, there was a person washing Gatorade coolers in their front yard.  There were coolers all over the front yard.  It was about 80 degrees.  What was going on next would need a lot of hydration.

Today I shopped (for black bean brownie ingredients) then went and wandered around and filled a cart with $100 worth of miscellaneous stuff at Target (including a new bathroom trash can — how did I break that?).   I came home, loaded the car for tomorrow, and spent the evening cooking and listening to an audio book.

I only follow 2 bloggers.  My coach and a friend of his (who I think of as someone I know more than a blogger).  And yet, when you’re looking for ANYTHING these days, one of the things google will return is/are blogs on the subject.  I was looking for gluten free brownies today and I was referred to at least 4 beautifully photographed blogs by people doing extensive cooking experimentation and writing about it.  They don’t seem to be making a living doing it (is that even the purpose of a blog?).

Food today:  recorded

Plan for tomorrow:  done

Training today:  acupuncture (and a nap)


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