Enter Summer

6-30-13 LeAnn and BabakHoly fuck it was hot today.  In the morning.  When I got up at 4:30 AM it was 73 degrees in Long Beach.  What the…?

By the time the Pasadena Half Marathon started, it was like 85.  My goal was to run as far as I could at race pace and then walk the rest.  Even before it was stupid hot, the route is pretty hilly.  The route had a long out and back and Rose Bowl, so I got to see everyone I knew running out of the RB — and to a person they had given up any personal goals and were just going for the finish.  Although there is a long, long downhill run between miles 7 and 9 today, I walked part of the downhill (blasphemy, I know) because it so didn’t matter.  My feet were hurting a little and it didn’t matter.  At about mile 8.75 the Pasadena Pacers were handing out cups of cold orange juice.  It sounded good.  But that citric acid on my tongue — yech.   And there was a HUGE hill out of the Rose Bowl — like all of mile 9.  I hiked out at a pretty good clip, but I was DONE.

Babek and I drove to the race and home together.  I had poured so much water on my head, that I had to sit on tee-shirts driving home.  I was completely soaked.

Once home in Long Beach, I took a shower, ate something, and lay down for a nap.  And when I woke up — the weather had broken and it was starting to cool off.  What’s up with that?  What a weird day.

IMG_3667I cooked all afternoon, took dinner to the Wilks/Boyles, checked out the twins, and then had dinner at my mother’s and lark’s.  Kelly has a pretty normal size hand.  Look how big her hand is compared to Addison’s body.  I spend an hour holding a baby while she slept after a snack.  Pretty cool.    And just because I have one:IMG_3668

Yesterday, I ran 4.5 miles with the Sole Runners and went to see the Red 11’s in Pasadena.IMG_0432Training today:  Ran and walked 13.1 miles


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