Track – Finally! (And stop complaining about the heat.)

IMG_0102[1]Track workouts start tomorrow.   They are my favorite part of running summer.  The running part is often really hard.  (But occasionally you can see change occur.)  But aftewards you get to lay in the grass and look at the sky and do yoga.  And then there are tacos.  Probably everything I like to do in a single event.  (OK, it would be better with Jimmy Buffett music playing, but you can’t have everything.)

Today I worked all day (and I’m going back to work after I write this).  I went to the gym and lifted weights (by myself, yeah me).

And I went and met with Lisa Fillis.  One of the reasons I go see her every week is because she connects the dots for me.  The dots are circling around my head as I walk in the door and she says something like so right-on-the-money it’s astonishing.  (Like once, long ago, she said “do you realize everyone in your family has an autoimmune disease?”  No, I hadn’t realized that.  Of course I knew all the people and all their various maladies.  But I hadn’t realized all those “ills” were in the same category and the category was affecting me, too.)    I have also observed that she will, without fail, get to THE heart of the matter — whatever it is — why ever you’re really, really in her office — during the first consultation.  And a lot of times the patient, him/her self doesn’t know that the real reason is…but they know when they hear it.  Anyway, enough about her.  She’s tremendously helpful and insightful and I value her enormously (and I hear her voice in my head all the time talking to me about food choices, allergies, etc.).

I drove over to Millikan High School to check out the track — see pic above.  For many years, we have used the track at Long Beach State University.  But the school is not making the track generally available to the public anymore.  Who knows why, really.  So I went to look at Millikan.  The entire school was locked up.  When I went to high school, the fields around the school were open to the public and you could go kick a ball, run around, play baseball, whatever for free and any time you wanted.  Millikan doesn’t look like it’s in a bad area — but the entire school is fenced.  Every door/gate has a big padlock and most were locked (as I was walking around) at about 4:30 on a summer afternoon.  All those fields were empty — I bet there are scores of 10-year-old kids in the surrounding neighborhoods.  I wonder where they play?  The school also has an indoor pool, which I think is odd, given that it’s California and all.  I wonder if they have a killer swim team?

I looked at my garmin up-load from yesterday’s run.  There is nothing positive to be gained from the data I don’t think.  No, wait, maybe it’s that I can walk at a pretty steady pace, up hill and down.  (Although I did get a shin splint.)  Whatever.

The main thing I got from yesterday’s event — thinking about it today — is that I have to QUIT bitching about the heat.  One week I’m all “I love the summer” and today I’m grousing about the heat.  You only get one choice.  I choose summer.  SHUT UP about how hot it is.  (I think I can legitimately complain about the humidity — which is sky high for California — but who cares?!  And more importantly, what will that help?!)  It’s going to be a long summer — I have a LOT of training to get in — and I just gotta pull up those big girl pants and run the damn miles.

Monica Olivas, in her blog, Run, Eat, Repeat, did a mid-year review of goals today.  What a good idea.  (I have far fewer written or unwritten goals, compared to Monica.)

My 2013 goals are “Easier” and “Lighter”.  I want the half marathon distance to be easier (which to me implies faster).  I PR-ed in Laguna Hills and San Diego, so that means faster.  I know standing at the starting line that miles 5-10, when I finally get to them, will go by quickly.  The middle miles of a half marathon (not yesterday) and the early middle miles of a full marathon (same miles) are MUCH easier.  I’m doing a good job working towards easier.  I’m working on easier because I also want to:

  • PR the Berlin Marathon.  Goal:  sub 6.
  • Get a medal at the Marine Corps Marathon.  Requirement:  6 or less.
  • And, it turns out, I want to finish 6 marathons.  Not really a goal, but a training assignment.  (One of these was the Born to Run 50K.)

In terms of weight, I do much better without a specific number target — but I need to lose 10 pounds to set me up for Berlin and beyond.  The lighter needs more focus, and by writing it down “in public as it were” may help.

Here’s to yoga in the grass and no complaining about the heat.

Food intake:  recorded

Plan for tomorrow:  done

Training Today: Lifted weights, met with Lisa Fillis, got massage.


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