Some Bests…

IMG_0498Tuesday posts are going to be about clouds.  And running track.  And doing yoga in the grass.  I love Tuesday Track Workouts.  I love everything except the Workout, but I’m eager to see if I can markedly improve this season.  (I did last season.)

I’m writing this down so I remember it:  Do one more rep.  At the time I think that I cannot do another rep — do one more.  I’ll never be sorry.

IMG_0500Today was a little bit jumbled, the bathrooms were far, far away, so I skipped the last 400 rep and went to look for a bathroom (and eventually had to go behind a bush, anyway).  Then we did yoga in the grass — I got covered with grass — and then some of us went for Tuesday Tacos at Great Mex.  Actually, a bunch of peep I don’t often hang around went, and we had a good time exchanging introductory stories.

IMG_0502Last year, I found myself on the first day of track, standing in the grass for yoga (this is after running some laps) and it slapped me up side the head — here I am doing my most, most favorite summer thing.

This year, I was standing ready in the grass long before everyone else.  I’m totally in touch with the best day of my week for the next 12-ish weeks.  I LOVE track.

IMG_1140[1]My running coach often says he has the best job in the world.  (As he’s headed to Santa Monica to teach someone at the beach.  Not when he’s running around the Rose Bowl in 90 degrees.)  But in truth, I might.  Have the best job.

Think about the best job on earth.  What was it when you were 20?  What is it today?  Is it the best job objectively?  Is it the best job for you?  For awhile one of my friends did Public Relations for the Shuttle program.  How cool is that job?!  Getting the celebrities VIP tickets to the launches.  Mingling with astro-nuts.

IMG_1147[1]Allowing that every job has some crap in it…jobs that seemed fabulous when I was younger turned out to be terrible as I got older.  Working in the entertainment industry, for example.  No matter what you do in TV or the movies, the day starts REALLY early, can last really late, and is a lot of hurry up and wait.  Unless you’re support crew, and then it starts even earlier, lasts even later, and each day starts and end with heavy lifting (literally).  I once lived in a little apartment in San Pedro where TV came to film all the time.  And I came to appreciate how icky those jobs are — the crew was up and moving long before I was up, long after I went to bed and for days on end they waited and waited.  Ugh.

Being a lawyer (which at one time I wanted to be and have the degree to be).  Litigation is one of the most disgusting jobs on earth — the clients are scum, mostly — and you have to hang on to your lofty sense of justice to survive the mind-numbing delays and wrangling of the system.  Now the guy who does my estate stuff — deadly boring stuff when I was younger — has the coolest job.  He meets with people with money (who can afford an attorney to do a will), he does paperwork, and he says see you later.  Actually, MY attorney has written a novel and is working on polishing that up.  (Really the worst job in the world has to be family law attorneys in the thick of divorces and child custody drama.  Gick.)

Teaching in the school system — which I luckily never wanted to do — is so horrific and so poorly paid — you have to worship the people willing to do it.  From my completely uninvolved point of view, teaching is classroom management, and wrangling of all those bodies to some middle point between the worst and the medium.

IMG_1534[1]But back to me.  When I was in law school I worked days as a secretary and went to school at night.  I had a bunch of jobs because I knew those jobs would fall off my resume as soon as I graduated.  I worked for about a year for a teeny tiny division of Northrop that did some odd-ball thing.   I also worked at an executive recruiting firm where I learned how to open champagne bottles — there’s a skill worth having.  After I graduated from law school I wrote to the HR lady from the teeny tiny Northrop division — she had moved on to a much bigger division — and she hand-placed me into a purchasing job.  Where I thrived, and it’s the functional description that I work within to this day.  Pretty good placement on her part.

So today I was working away at my job in my house (this is what makes it the best for me) thinking, “I might have the very best job on earth, for me.”  Pretty shocking and wonderful revelation.  At 2 PM today I hadn’t gotten dressed — although I will get dressed to go to track workout later today.  I don’t have to go out into the traffic, for the most part, don’t have to dry clean business clothes, and don’t have to drag my ass home through traffic, change clothes and then go out again to train.  I get to do what I’m really good at, for people who appreciate it (and whom I adore), in a place that I love, wearingwhatever the hell I want to, in non-traditional hours.  Could there be anything better.  I doubt it.  Big THANK YOU to the Universe for this amazing gift.


Food:  Recorded

Tomorrow:  Planned

Training Today:  Track Workout – ran 3/4 mile warm up and 3 x 440 (speed unknown)


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