Goin’ to the Chapel…

IMG_0118[2]5 July 2013

Today I worked, had a facial, and went shoe shopping.  I’m going to a wedding reception tomorrow in Seattle for my long, long time friend Scott Fraser and his long time partner and brand new husband Paul Englis.  They got married in a small ceremony today.  A friend is having a pizza and beer party for them and the peep flying in from out of town tonight.  And tomorrow they are having (what I assume is) a big, fancy reception/party at the Smith Tower’s Chinese Room in Seattle.  (I know nothing, I’m just copying from the invite.)  I’m flying up tomorrow afternoon.

7-13 Scott and Paul

Sweet, no?  Scott’s on the right.

Obviously, I don’t have any appropriate shoes.  I have expensive shoes (running).  I have comfortable and uncomfortable shoes (running and otherwise).  And I have comfortable work shoes (black leather).  But nothing that goes to a wedding.  Over the past couple of years I’ve had occasion to need black sandal-y shoes and I keep making do with others.  Today, come hell or high water, I was out to get shoes.


And Facebook came through again.  I took pictures of the shoe candidates, posted them and got immediate feedback.  I bought the gold shoes because (1) they fit pretty well, (2) they cost $10, marked down from $99, and (3) they hide my runner’s feet, especially my bedraggled toes.  I bought the black shoes, above, because they looked dressy and fit — or more accurately, didn’t hurt when I put them on.  But they do show my poor toes.

I got home with the shoes and then tried on all the shoes with all the possible outfits .  Instead of trying to do this in the rush and heat tomorrow, I could putter around this afternoon.  This might mean I can take a nap tomorrow.  But more likely it means more time to screw around with my hair.

Then I called Alaska Airlines to see if I could take an earlier flight.  If I change my flight today it’s $100 plus the difference in the ticket price ($212) for a total of $312.  However, if I call within 6 hours of departure tomorrow, and there’s room, they will change the ticket for $25.  End of cost.  Isn’t that a nugget of info worth knowing?  So I have the confirmed later ticket in hand and I’ll call at 7:55 AM tomorrow to see if I can change to the slightly earlier flight.

And speaking of running.  Tomorrow we’re running 1 hour below (faster than) race pace.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles (30+ minutes) faster than race pace.  Can I do it for an hour?  If I don’t get lost on the course?

The coach said today (or yesterday, who can remember) that I have to start finishing these important races by myself — because I have to do it in Berlin.  Hummm.  I want to protest that I finish races all the time by myself.  I PR-ed in Laguna Hills running by myself.  However, it is certainly true that if I can run with somebody I like that more.  In a 1/2 marathon or shorter distance, there is a chance I will be running for serious time.  At the marathon distance — it’s 26 fucking miles, for cryin’ out loud — I’m running for me and I know a long way out how I’m doing via-a-vis the finishing time.  Although, even as I write this, it dawns on me that that could change.  The next two marathons I’m going to do alone with no chance of support at the end.  We’ll just see how tough I can be, won’t we?!

Monday is the start of my week 10; the time when I have to knuckle down and train harder.  Eleven weeks out, everything jumps up a notch.  However, I have a party to go to before that!


Food:  Recorded

Tomorrow’s Food:  Planned

Training Today:  not a damn thing


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