Back from Church, as it were

IMG_0525Sunday, 7 July 2013

Last night I attended a party at the Chinese Room in Smith Towers in downtown Seattle.  Built in 1914, until the mid-1960’s it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi.  Today the building is apparently a mix of apartments/condos and a really interesting public space called The Chinese Room.  You can look at the interior spaces here:

One can walk all around the outside of the room/building on a little, wrought-iron protected walk-way.  Amazing views.

Inside we had food from the Northwest (strawberries with balsamic, basil, and almonds, fabulous plank salmon, dill sauce, and pasta salad), food from California (chicken and veggies on skewers, green salad with mango and avocado), and food from P-Town (salty fries, little lobster rolls, coleslaw).  Honoring the three big areas of the country where they spend (have spent) time.  Later there was dessert (key lime tartlet, macaroon drizzled with dark chocolate, chocolate cake, and blueberry tart-thing).  Then chocolate cookies and milk.  And open bar with everything (I think) all night.

Scott — whom I’ve know about 25 years — and his new husband Paul — whom I’ve known since the beginning of the relationship 13 years ago — said a few things at the beginning of the evening.  Then mid-way through they had a wedding video — not a walking down the aisle story, but the story of their meeting.  Very sweet.  They were married in a tiny ceremony (6 peep, I think) on Friday and there were ceremony stills in the video, too.

People wandered around, inside and out.  Peep sat on couches and chair groupings, and at tables.  I sat at a table with Joey and Nancy (partners), Eric (who’s wife was off doing some enormous meeting thing for MS), and Sarah, who met Scott their freshman year of college.  Such a nice evening.  Paul works for Microsoft, and there were a slew of MS peep there.  Scott’s last big-time work gig was in LA, so not many of those peep — but some.  He now works for the Seattle Humane Society, where he is in development.  Joey works with him.  (In leaving LA and giving up the law, Scott specifically wanted to go into development.  It’s taken awhile to transition — but here he is!)  And, Scott’s sister, Lori, and her husband, whom I’ve met before were on hand in a yummy green and lavender (maybe gold and lavender) dress — Lori, not the husband.  (I was hoping to see Lori as I know they own an apartment in Provence, France, and I’ll be there next year and may want to rent!)

I haven’t seen Scott or Paul in person since they moved to Seattle, six years ago.  But it was delightful to see them…and now I have three couple friends in Seattle.  (They’re all gay…from my experience, everyone in Seattle is gay.  I like that.)  Meaning, of course, that I need to go back and visit.  The weather was lovely — even the Seattle residents remarked about how nice the weather was yesterday.  And, almost all admitted that they gray/cloudy/rain thing does, in fact, get to them.)


After a fun, fun party — I got back to the hotel at 12:30 AM — I got up at 4 AM today to catch a flight home.  I was in my house about 10 and asleep within the hour.

Yesterday, I took off for Seattle without even the most vague notion of where I was going.  At each stage of the journey, I’d pull out my phone, pull up the next piece of needed info (car reservation, hotel reservation, etc) and move to that stage.  I was a tiny bit afraid of going off to this party completely alone, although I trusted that it would be OK.  (The one person I would have known (other than the grooms) got sick and texted about 5 PM that he couldn’t be there.)  There were maybe 50 people (I have no idea), literally none of which I knew, although I had met Scott’s sister many years ago, once.  I didn’t talk to 40 of them, but the peep I spent the evening with could not have been nicer.

I intended to run today, but the window for that was pretty small — in the cool of the evening, when I should have been thinking about running, I was doing administrative stuff at the computer.  So I have to run well tomorrow morning in Pasadena.

I went to Target and bought a small dish drainer for my counter, since I have learned a bad habit of washing and setting the dishes out to dry throughout the day, rather than using the dishwasher.  I returned one pair of sandals to Marshall’s.  I bought some more baggies at JoAnn’s for my jewelry-making project (sub title – get rid of my beads that I’ll never use in a creative and enjoyable process).  And I went into the OSH – which is closing.  Big “everything must go” signs in the windows, but inside stuff is 10% off.  Except for a fountain, nothing in the store caught my eye.


Shoes that I wore to the party.  Floor of walkway around the outside of the Chinese Room.  And a little or the wrought-iron fending.  (Particularly unattractive angle of legs and feet.)    Flat dressy “thongs” were entirely appropriate.  Necklace that I wore on the plane, but that came unhooked and fell off somewhere between LA and Seattle.


Food Today:  Recorded

Tomorrow’s planning:  done

Training today:  nothing (and my run yesterday morning was NOTHING to write home about.)

Tomorrow is the start of my week 10 (of 21) for preparation for the marathon.  This is the point at which I must TRAIN HARDER (Steve Mackel, circa March 2010).  I know it and I’m ready. (Which doesn’t mean I won’t whine.)


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