Shake, shake, shake…

7-5-13 Paul and Scott8 July 2013

This is the wedding party from my friends’ Scott and Paul’s wedding last Friday.  (Photo courtesy of Lori Fraser.)  Scott, in front in the dark shirt, and Paul, are in the center of the picture.  The two grooms are both tall and trim, but Paul’s a little hidden in this pic.  Small wedding, but they all look pretty stinkin’ happy.

On Mondays and Fridays I’m doing virtually all protein shakes (starting last Friday).  Today for breakfast I had a shake of kale, watermelon, broccoli, pineapple, and protein powder.  Surprizingly good.  I split it into two servings and one before my early run and one driving home from the run.  (Fortified by coffee with almond milk on both sides to the run, too.)

For a mid-morning snack, I had cherries.  While making my lunch shake ate a perfect peach.  The shake had watermelon, a little frozen pineapple (maybe 1/3 cup), and protein  powder.  Really good.

IMG_0131[1]And for late afternoon I had a Greek salad shake — when I thought it up I had to try it.  After my trip to the Athens Marathon (2010), I always have the makings of a Greek Salad in my refrig.  1/2 cuke, 1/2 pepper, 1/2 beefstake tomato, and 1 oz fetz cheese for protein.  I didn’t have any red onion…and only just this second did I think of onion salt or powder.  (Although the feta made it salty enough.)  It was pretty good…but not as good as the salad would be.  My late evening snack was peanut butter and choc chips.  (OK, that last items wasn’t very shake-y although it has good protein.)

Peanut butter is not a good thing to eat.  Especially not stuff like Jif (Jiff?) which is peanuts, hydrogenated oil, and sugar.  The peanut itself is like the lymph node of the peanut plant, so you’re getting the waste product form the plant.  So, of what seems like a positive step forward, there are 37 reasons not to eat it.  Which is why I mostly have almond butter in the house.  But sometimes, I just crave peanut butter flavor.  And peanut-nutty enough flavor is apparently really hard to replicate (and least that’s been my experience).

This morning I ran the Rose bowl with the Coach.  After a disappointing run on Saturday (I don’t know why, the weather was about the same), I was able do the entire loop strongly this morning.  Right to the end.  I feel pretty good about that.  (Except my garmin is now screwed up and won’t download.)  The total time was 36:13.83 (but who’s counting); I don’t think that included the bathroom break in mile 2.  (I’m pretty fast, but I think the watch was stopped.)  A great AM run — which I generally don’t do because I don’t want to get up that early — can really kick the day into high gear.

This is the start of my week 10…11 weeks to Berlin.  Wonderful way to start.

This evening, with Kelly’s help, I registered for the 2014 Tinkerbell Half.  I’m going to run the damn thing until year 5 and see what legacy runners get.  $175.  Can you even believe it.  One of the questions is whether I will be completing the Coast to Coast challenge.  I certainly hope not!!

Food today:  recorded

Planning for tomorrow:  done

Training Today:  Ran 3.12 miles above race pace, with bathroom break.  Lifted Weights.  Saw Lisa Fillis.  Had massage.


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