Waxing Rhapsodic about Tuesdays…

IMG_0545 Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I love Tuesdays.  There’s a whole uninterrupted day to get stuff done at work.  Then there’s track.  There’s yoga.  There’s Great Mex Taco Tuesday ($1.25 tacos).

Today we ran at Millikan High School again.  I don’t like the dirt track because shoes, socks, ankle decorations (phiten anklets, Road ID, etc) get really dusty/dirty.  But while you’re actually running, you’re not really conscious of the dirt.  You’re busy doing other things in your head.

My damn $500 garmin didn’t work on the laps consistently, so my increasingly fabulous times weren’t recorded as I got faster in later laps.  But, as Matt suggested, I got one more lap in compared to last week.  Each week I should be doing at least one more than the previous week.  And I was faster.  I know that.

Any yoga in the grass.  There is nothing better on a summer night.


Sky.  Not a cloud in.


Yoga in the grass.

Food today:  recorded

Planning for tomorrow:  done

Training today:  Run 4 440s at the track, followed by yoga.


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