Wednesday Night Run

IMG_0547Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wednesday nights, until the end of October, I’m doing a mid-week run.  After tonight, I guess, I’m running long in El Dorado.  I wasn’t organized in my head to get to El Dorado tonight.  I was going to run at the beach, but then I didn’t have to be at the beach.  So I took a nap, and I woke up late.  (And in some other year, I’d just decide not to run.)  So, I went out for a run from my house…something I very rarely do.

While I was out there running, I ended up doing a whole bunch of route variations that I’ve never done before.  At the corner of 36th and Orange, there is a signal, and it is a long wait, so instead, I ran the super long block down to the signal at Wardlow and Orange, much shorter wait, and then ran back the other side of the street and continued on.  As I was already adding to the route, I turned down a street I’ve never run before — Olive — and was met wth these great old trees meeting over the center of the street.  I hang around two cities that have streets like this — Long Beach and the Pasadenas.  Beatuiful.  And green.  And ran back on the next street.

Then I ran down Atlantic to San Antonio, turned and ran down to California and started for home.  This is my 4-mile route, but I was trying to make it 5 with all the additional zigs and zags.  When I got to the corner of California and Carson, I always turn left, but today I continued on, running on another street I’ve never run before.  Nothing dramatic to report, just new ground covered.

What was dramatic was that I felt GREAT during the whole run.  I was out running while a very few very big rain drops were falling sometime just after 6 PM in Long Beach today.  It looked like rain all day.  So of course my dirty car has just a few big drop plops on it — and the windshield is now challenging dirty.  (But I’m up to the challenge.)

When I got home I had run 4.75 miles in 1:05 (or so, I don’t know where my non-functioning Garmin is right this second).  Only to find two friends who did either the same distance in 1/2 the time or slightly longer, walking, in the same time.  The lesson here is that it has to be all about me.  If you look to the right or the left, you could feel bad about your numbers compared to other people.

And for me the run was easy and FUN.  Three fun experiences in 1 week.  Have I turned the corner?  Are they all going to be fun, now?  I ran tonight in the Merrills without insoles…we’ll just see how I feel tomorrow!

I went to Costco for a few main dish items today and bought a watermelon.  Now’s the time for those.  It’s cut up and I’m picking at it.  Really good.

Mary Fasang came by in the late evening to drop off a shirt to be embroidered.  Connie and Mark posted that they had extra “bad” fruit from the farmers market going bad on their counter, so I drove over and picked it up about 9:30. Peaches, nectarines, pluots.   I then peeled, pitted, sliced, and bagged all that for freezing.  Then, since I read it in Monica’s blog, I sliced up three avocado’s, spritzed with lemon, and put into bags to freeze.  And another person on face book said her dad used to freeze with lemon.  How have I not known that for all these years?  On the other hand, you have to eat immediately upon defrosting, and maybe you have to make guac with avocados that have been frozen.  We’ll have to see.

Food:  Recorded

tomorrow:  Planned

Training Today:  Lifted weights with Mike, ran 4.75 miles around neighborhood


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