Rain in July

IMG_0134[1]Thursday, 11 July 2013

It occurs to me that I love trees because I love green.  There’s another street that I really enjoy.  This one is in Pasadena (or South Pasadena).  I drive this street going to the gym almost every Thursday about 6 PM.  There isn’t much that tells me the passing of the year as the light on the drive.  In winter, obviously, it’s pitch black, and I race along without looking.  (Except at Xmas, when there is one front-yard tree with spectacular lights – probably my favorite tree in Pasadena.)  Today, in the almost mid-day light, I was looking at the mansions that front on this street.  (Street name completely unknown.)  Pasadena has some stunning homes.  When I drive by those big houses I think “thank goodness I don’t live there”!  Who would want the upkeep.  Who would want the rat race to maintain the salary (or money management) to keep all that going.


After spinning, driving home on the 710 fwy, there was a rainbow.  It rained today in Southern California.  I woke up to light rain that had been going on for some time.  In addition to creating the internet, Al Gore is totally on to something with this global warming idea of his.  It’s not just a song.  It is NOT supposed to be raining in Southern California in JULY, for christ sake.  The rain today maybe explains the humidity earlier this week.  Californians are so clueless about humidity, that the weather people have to try and teach us the concept of dew point, and how it affects us.  Why, at this age, do I have to learn a new weather word/concept?  (It’s like the metric system.  I’m not learning it.  Period.)  Ugh.

Speaking of rain, it makes me think of the neighborhood cat that is hanging around my house.  It is grey and white and appears to be a nice cat.  I found it eating Snowball’s food IN MY KITCHEN several times, so now I cannot leave the door open for Snowball to go in and out.  Snowball is not a very aggressive cat and doesn’t defend her territory at all, as far as I can see.  I am happy to feed this cat, but not in my kitchen.  So today, in the rain, I found the cat huddled up against the back door, out of the rain.  It is not streaking away these days.  It runs 5 steps and then looks back at me.  I put the food down, close the door, and it comes and eats as if ravenous.


LA through my window, driving home.  Sunset starting about 8 PM.  The city was much bigger/closer to the eye.

A great thing that is happening in this blog is that I hardly ever write about my “9-to-5” job.  Isn’t that fabulous?

I just ordered almonds for Almond Milk.  http://www.california-almonds.com/  I read the FAQ to see if you and freeze and it’s not recommended.  But you can store for up to a year in a Mason jar in the refrig.  I bought 2 pounds of Aldrich, which should make me 13 “batches”.  And not be too enormous (the 10 lb bulk pack would take all my refrig space).

Two running stories. (1)  Coach Steve announced to the world earlier in the week that he wants to register for the Big Sur Marathon, which is held in April.  I don’t.  Want to register for an April marathon.  Especially one that is going to be that hilly — even if fabulously beautiful.  But they have a 5-person marathon relay.  I’d very much like to do that.  But I have to get a team together before Monday.  Maybe. (2) In the same announcement he said he wants to run a 100k race next year – probably the Bryce 100 in May.  If he runs, I’ll go crew.  Crewing is about 20% about the runner — there’s a lot of intense focus when the runner is within sight, which is about 1 hour all day — and 80% about having fun with friends.


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