It Takes a Village and Then Some

Monday, 15 July 2013

On Saturday, I ran 9.25 miles.  The whole way out and the whole way back I was surprized at how not terrible I was feeling.  I wasn’t put off about the distance.  I wasn’t complaining my head about anything (well, maybe the speed, but I’m always bitching about the pace).  I followed Janet pretty closely through the first six miles — mile six was right at race pace.  I felt pretty good.  Just after the aide station, Sara caught us, and I ended up running and walking and talking with Sara while Janet ran with Christine and later, John came out and joined Sara and me.  Because I cannot down load my garmin at the moment, I don’t have the splits (but they aren’t earth shattering).

Then I had lunch with Peter, who I usually once see once a year.  We went to the River’s End, where I don’t go often enough.  I ate like food would be disappearing any moment from the earth — and did everything but lick the plate.  Peter and I discussed how the new parking lot has changed the vibe until you sit down in the sun and you’re “there”.   I would have liked to sit in the sun for another hour…but I was parked on a street with only 1 hour parking, so we scooted out of there.  And on the way home, talk about serendipity, Kathy called.

Saturday night I went to Allen Arnette’s yoga class.  It was, as he sometimes says, timeless.  Meaning, it went on and on and on.  In fairness, he takes a LONG time to get started.  Maybe as long as 1/2 hour.  So the fact that the class was officially to start at 6 PM (I have no idea when it really started), it ended at 8:50 PM.  At one point Allen was demonstrating right next to me, urging me on, and I had to whisper “I am out of shoulder”.  That was an hour into the class.  (I have been recovering from an unknown injury since January and only in late May have I had much shoulder use.)  I had to modify everything for the next 90 minutes.  Sweat dripping night.  And in leaving I was more than a little worried that I over exended my shoulder.

I woke up at 6 AM on Sunday and re-set the alarm for 30 minutes later.  I got out of bed at 6:30 and moped around the house, saying “I don’t want to run”.  But at some point the gumption kicked in and I got dressed in stretchy clothes and drove to Marina Vista Park.  I took off for the school loop thinking about long runs.  The only way to make long runs more comfortable (“easier” is my word for the year), is to do them more.  And part of that is having the time to do them more.  When JP posts his runs, I’m always envious that he’s done another 9 or 10 miler.  My standard run is 4-6.  For me, having 2 hours to do 9 miles+ is a (small) part of the issue.  Whatever, I took off running about 7:30 AM.


This is me starting my Sunday run.  I wasn’t put off by the distance or the time, really.  I knew it would take me 2 hours and I had the time.  I was running along, ready to turn into the college, when I stopped to take a picture of no aide station.  I heard my name and somebody said “she’s taking a picture of no aide station”.  It was Kerri (West Covina) and Ray (Montebello) who had come down to Long Beach to do their long run on Sunday.


I ended up running the college and all the way back — very slowly — with them.  I was probably holding Ray back and Kerri was probably holding me back and we all seemed OK with the day.  I ran up inclines that I normally walk — including ALL of Clark on the way back to the Park.  What an absolutely delightful surprize.


I went home, ate lunch, and then went to Barbara and Lark’s house, where I held a jewelry making class for about 12 people.  Fun.  And such gorgeous jewelry.  I cannot get over what good eyes these people have for things I’ve been holding onto for a long time.  Of course, the beads weren’t mingled in my storage boxes the way they are during these sessions.

I slept poorly because I was getting up early on Monday to register Relay Teams for the Big Sur Marathon (April 27th next year).  When I finally did get up, I was on line the minute registration opened and was able to get two teams registered.  All three Sole Runners teams got registered.  Unfortunately, the guy with the idea — Coach Steve — did not get into the marathon.  I’m pretty excited about going — and NOT doing a full marathon — but getting to be on the route.  It is a butt-crack of dawn start, but really, when isn’t it, more or less?

I went and had my annual physical with Sarah Sandall Monday morning.  She asked me about upcoming runs and then she said, “Have you thought at what point you’re going to do less running?”  Yes I have, but it isn’t yet.  I have goals.  I want to run a sub-6 marathon.  Then, in the next 5 years I want to run a sub-5 marathon…which means I’m going to continue to train.  (I am not, however, going to continue to do such a crazy race schedule.)  She said to me, “when you’re running along PCH, have you seen those people on the two wheeled things?  Have you noticed that those people are largely in their 40s and 50s and 60s?”  Yes, says I.  She says, “Get on a bike.”

Amusing.  I told her that I’ve already had this conversation with myself and in January (I’m busy until January), I’m going to start talking about a bike.  That seemed to satisfy her.

The other thing she told me is that research seems to imply that a 12-hour fast every day (when do you get up…back up 12 hours from then) provides significant protection from altzimers (sp?).  For me that’s no calories after 7 PM, which is a good idea on its own.  (And she said that as a doctor she is just as whip-lashed as the lay person.  Last year it was frequent smaller meals.  This year it’s 12 hours of fasting.)

I worked the rest of the day, went to lift weights (alone), saw Lisa Fills, and had a massage.  Worked another couple of hours getting an inquiry out for work.

Finally, I stopped at Office Depot and bought 2014 calendars.  There’s not much like the whole year stretching out in front of me.  I needed this to lay in the races…Nashville R&R that I was going to do with Mary Fasang is the same weekend as Big Sur.  Rats.

Somehow I’ve turned the corner…(maybe)…In the last week I’ve had 5 really good runs — maybe amongst my 25 best all time runs.  I’m really pleased.

Food:  Recorded

Tomorrow:  Planned

Training Today:  Lifted Weights, Lisa Fillis, Massage


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