Laying in Grass, Looking at the Sky

16 July 2013, Tuesday

Have I mentioned I love Tuesdays in the Summer?  Not the days — which are OK.  But the evenings into the night.  There is track workout.  There is yoga.  And there are tacos.


These are volunteer sunflowers that decided to bloom right here.  Two or three years ago I planted sunflowers 50 feet away.  Here are their friends 2-3 years later.  (Bird poop.)  You cannot tell maybe in this picture, but these sunflowers are NOT looking at the sun.  In fact, they are looking exactly away from the sun.

On Tuesday days I get to work straight through the day and I get a lot done.  I get to sit in my living room, which is full of sunlight, doing whatever is happening at work.  The doors are open, the screens are protecting me from flies, there is usually a breeze, and you can hear the birds outside.  (The birds are so loud that my boss once asked me “Are those birds in cages in the house?”   No, they are the outdoor birds.  The birds have quieted down now that the spring is past and the baby birds are either grown or gone.)  Even if it’s really warm, I can make a breeze with ceiling fans or floor fans, so the entire working environment is pleasant.  The work activities can be annoying, but not always.

Then at 4 PM I take a nap for a hour.

Then I get up, get dressed in stretchy clothes, pack drinks and snacks, and drive to Millikan high school.

At Millikan we do body looseners, track exercises, and then laps.  My mantra this year is “do another lap”.  Don’t cut yourself any slack.  Stretch a little.  Last week I did 4 laps, so this week the assignment was to do 5 laps.  And each lap is supposed to be faster than the lap before.  And you are supposed to be pooped at the end.  All of which I did.  And was.


And while the larger group was getting ready to start the laps, I went and lay down and did clam shells to fire my non-firing glute.  You can see my foot as I’m laying the grass taking pictures of the runners getting ready.  (I’m paying attention Michael Day and Steve Mackel).  More than any other exercise prescribed for this issue — the clam shell is immediately effective.

Katie Ruiz was running with me this evening.  Somewhere in the last part of the 4th lap, I made a painful noise and she said “you can do it”.  I snapped at her, “Don’t help me.  I can do it.”  Now when I make that noise and I’m running with the coach I’m making a pathetic bid for sympathy.  Here I finally get the sympathy (same pathetic noise) and I don’t want it.  There is NO pleasing me.  (I called Katie after track and apologized.  I do very much appreciate her running with me.  I am sorry I was so bitchy.  She just laughed at me.)  I don’t like running on the dirt track.  I don’t notice the dirt when I’m running, or at least it makes no difference to me.  But one’s shoes and socks are really dirty afterwards.


Then yoga.  Ah.  Yoga in the summer on the grass. The grass in the infield (the football field) at Millikan is much better than the infield grass at Cal State Long Beach.  Tonight I did all the yoga in the grass.  Standing next to my yoga mat.  So luxurious.  It reminds me of being a little kid.  The temperature was perfect.


Then I went to Taco Tuesday at Great Mex and had the mushroom taco (and two shredded beef chrispy tacos).  The mushrooms were GREAT.


Today was another GREAT run.  I’m working on my second week of improvement that I can see real time.  I wonder if this is the result of 18 months of effort; one day you are tangibly better?  Another bit of great Tuesday news…for reasons completely unknown to me (the mysteries of technology), my GARMIN downloaded all the workouts from the last week.


Finally, surprizing tho it may seem, I don’t have to do/know everything.  If somebody I know has done the research, I’m more than willing to use their expertise.  Stacey Soares researched the accommodation choices for the Big Sur race next April.  The Day’s Inn near the starting line is $600/night.  Using the express deal and the internet, Stacey found a 4-star hotel for $187 a night.  (The Express Deal means they won’t tell you the name of the hotel before hand and you are forced to pay for the hotel before you know the name.)  Anyway, she’s booked the hotel, I’ve booked the hotel, and I sent the “how to” to all the team members for their information.

Today I packaged the return for Grommet, booked the hotel for Santa Rosa, got a quote on cleaning the house, did 5 loads of laundry, did the dishes all day, looked at flights to DC, did all the regular work stuff, and arranged for another house cleaning person to come quote next week.  I feel pretty accomplished.  And that was before track.

Food: recorded

Tomorrow:  planned

Training Today:  Track workout – 5 440s, each of increasing speed (yeah)


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