Making Progress

IMG_0595July 17, 2013 – Wednesday

OMG.  I have been making jewelry for years.  Today a young friend and I agreed that she’s going to take the pieces that I’ve made on consignment to sell with her bikinis (midoribikinis on facebook).  It is so charming to listen to this young person just kick ass in business.  It’s another interesting marker of how the internet has changed everything.  All by herself (with no family knowledge/expertise), she found the manufacturers in Greece and Brazil, mastered the shipping and importing of product, learned inventory management, photo shoots, on-line web sites, everything.


The first “route” that I ever ran was the streets around my house.  In the very beginning I was running a block and walking a block for 30 minutes.  When I got to “run 3 blocks and walk a block” I was off running.  Eventually I found a 3 mile square through the neighborhood.  Today, I think of it as my “functional” run (and I occasionally walk it).  It goes by the library and the FedEx Office store and a mail box, so I can do all those things (return a book, mail a letter, etc).  At the far turn, there is a Trader Joe’s, so in a pinch I can buy a small thing (if I can carry home in my hand or on a belt).   It has been difficult and more difficult.  It is the route that I struggled home on (through?) when I was training for my first races.  Running up my street (a tiny, tiny up incline) I would visualize the finish line of the LA Marathon at my home so that I could struggle up that “hill”.  It can be stretched to 4 or 4.5 miles.  It’s through a beautiful neighborhood (although that is not a measure of the route).  And, I don’t have to drive to get there.  I don’t really need to bring water — there’s none on the route, but it’s short enough that it’s probably not an issue and if I were desperate, there’s a drinking fountain at the park.  And there are 4 bathrooms on the route.  If you know me at all, this is a big deal.

One day I ran out about 5 blocks and my heart started beating so hard that I had to sit down on a curb.  Then lay back on the sidewalk.  After about 30 minutes I could get up and walk home. I had a phone with me, but it only had my coach’s phone number in it (and he lives in Pasadena).  Whatever that was never, ever happened again, so not a big deal.  And it is the thing that taught me to carry my real phone with me along with ID.

One day I was out running this route, and I started running up and down the in-between streets.  This was in the days when I listened to music when I ran.  There is this great Jimmy Buffett song (actually there are dozens of great Buffett songs to run to), but this one in particular came up on the shuffle and I ran like hell with the beat to the end of the song.  It was great fun, and unbeknown to me, my sister saw me and it was the moment she came to understand that I was, in fact, a runner.  (Talking about it later she would describe it as “actually running, not jogging”.)

I have a zillion memories about running this little route.  But today I have a new memory.  It’s too easy.  And too short.  I went out to a functional run and mail a package returning an item; I carried the damn thing all the way to the FedEx Office office (it weighs like 4 oz, but was big and annoyed me while running), and then it was too expensive to mail using FedEx.  ($6+ at FedEx ground, $1.30 at the post office office.)  So I had to carry it home.  Which pissed me off.  So instead of stretching the route out to 4+ miles, I just did (what turned out to be) 3.2 miles.  I could have been grumpy all the way home.  But I consciously let the piss go so that I could run home un-angry.

It was easy.  I ran all the way without stopping along streets that have totally worn me out in the past.  Even as I was running along I was aware that it was too easy.  And, it’s hardly worth my time to put on stretchy clothes for only 3 miles.  And I was running significantly under marathon race pace.  Easily.

I don’t think I could do two loops for 6 miles — too boring, too easy to stop at home.  There isn’t a good longer route, too many big streets with cars.  I guess I can try running up and down all the in-between streets.

But as I was running I was also MARVELING at being in my second week of GREAT runs.  Thank you to the Universe for the ability, the time, the guidance, and the support to get better.


Food Today:  Recorded

Training Today:  Lifted weights with Mike, ran 3.2 miles through neighborhood  ‘way under race pace.


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