Cookin’ in Summer

IMG_0212[1]18 July 2013, Thursday

I went to a cooking class tonight.  I really like the guy leading the class, Allen Arnette.  The food that we made was really good.  The thing I take away from the class is that I need to figure out a better way to steam vegetables.  I eat a lot of raw vegetables.  And I very rarely cook them.  But I really do like cooked vegetables, too.  It’s the cumbersome process of steaming.  I hate to buy another counter top appliance.  I need to go research stove top steamers — more than sauce pan, insert, and lid.


This is Allen talking about making home-made sauerkraut.  This is the class making that sauerkraut.


I’m not knocked over by the product…but it’s easy.  Finely chopped cabbage and water.  Ferment in a dark cabinet for 4-7 days.  Store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

It was fun, but not something I’d do again.


Food:  recorded

Training Today:  rested (I’ll do something tomorrow)


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