Tuesday – Did You Know I Love Tuesdays?

IMG_0265[1]Tuesday, 23 July 2013

So it’s Tuesday again.  I love Tuesday afternoon.  (Tuesday morning and the day isn’t anything to write home about.)

Today I went to my semi annual face-to-face meeting with my financial guy — the brilliant Nick Nino.  If you’re looking for a financial adviser, I can recommend this guy without reservation.  (He has made me a ton of money over the past three years.)  If you’re even remotely interested e-mail me and I’ll give you his info.  Anyway, I love Nick and he’s going to run a 10k soon and I’m going to to run it with him.  Nick (and his firm) are always trying to lure clients into evening events — dinner with extravagant wines at the Getty — I don’t know why I’m on the list, he’s got my money and I’m happy with his work — but I can never be bothered to go to the events.  Note – I won’t go to a free, social thing, but I will drive to West Lake Village to run at the crack of dawn.  WHERE did I get these priorities?  Anyway, he’s planned something that sounds like it would be fun — famous trainer from The Biggest Loser, health/work out based evening, then healthy cooking with a chef — the weekend I’ll be in Germany.   Ah well.

After Nick, I drive to the Wilks and hang around holding a baby (they are like little burritos with knit caps) while Aidan wakes up from a nap.  The current baby set-up has Grandma sleeping in Aidan’s bed and Aidan sleeping with Joe and Kelly…so Aidan was taking a nap in the big bed, I go in and sit with him and Kelly, then Kelly wanders off and I lay down with Aidan while we wakes up.  (Warning Joe Wilk – random strangers are sitting and laying in your bed while you’re at work!)


Keliegh baby is fussy, so I pick her up (like I have a clue what I’m doing) and hold her and goo-goo for about 20 minutes while Aidan gets dressed and organized.  Today is the day the girls were actually supposed to be born (which happened 5 weeks ago).  Keliegh’s head is the size of a grapefruit.  She almost (6.5 lbs) baby sized.  Addison is a little smaller and you can tell the difference between their sizes.

Then, I take Kelly’s car, parking my car on the street (because of the kid seat), and Aidan, and we go off to track workouts.  Surprize.  There’s CD in the player, and Aidan bosses me around until I can use the CD player enough to get to his favorite track (#6) and he sings along to “Oh, What a Night”.  He knows all the words.  I know the words.  How fun to drive along and sing fun songs with him!

We get to the track (early).  When the running started, Aidan went out and run the 3 warm up laps with the whole group.  He actually played with Paul Alto.  I was painfully shy when I was little.  How GREAT that he knows this group and can run with them.  After the warm-ups, and the exercises, he went off to sit with Vernon and play with little boy toys while I ran laps.


We ran 800s — two laps around the track.  I ran three full sets — which is 6 laps — and that is 1 more than last week.  I really “tried” the last lap, although I don’t know at the moment, how the splits look.  And then Coach Steve called out “last lap” while I was doing the rest walking between sets.  He said specifically to me “do one more good one” and I said “the last one was the good one”.  He said, do another.  So I did.  Damn it.  I’m not guaranteeing that the last lap was the best, but I did do it.  I said last week I’d push and do one more.  I pushed and did one more.  I think you can never be sorry about doing one more, no matter how painful it is at the time.  The Coach even said to me, driving away, that he expected flack from me for that last lap and good for me for just doing it.

Coach Steve is the running coach.  I do whatever he says to do.  End of story.  I might complain (out loud or in my head).  But I do count on him to guide me to the goals that I set out.  So if I want to depend on him, I better do what he says to do.


Food/Weight:  I had a great day food intake-wise until about 9 PM.  Then I ate a bunch of hands-full of this and that — almonds, watermelon. I would have been better without that.

Food:  all recorded

Training today:  Track workout


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