Running at the Shore

IMG_0272[1]Wednesday, 23 July 2013

Via Facebook today, I agreed to meet a Sole Runner that I don’t know all that well at the beach to run together.  She wanted to run 3-ish miles and I wanted to run with somebody (WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME???), so I agreed to meet her.

We met at the Junipero parking lot.  The weather at the beach was glorious.  We ran towards Alfredo’s — because it’s a part of the bike path that neither of us runs very often (not being fast enough to get that far all the time).  And then we ran around to the end of the marina — someplace she had never been before — and back.  4.5 miles at my race pace.  Pretty good.  Not a long run.  Not a slow run.  (Which I used to do on Wednesdays – long, slow runs.)  But a short at pace run.  I wonder what that counts for?

I had a big deal meeting at work today, and I had to spend the first half of the day getting ready for it and the meeting itself thinking actively about what I was going to say next (a negotiation).  So I was pooped when it was over.

But I went off to see Mike Henderson.  Here’s my current ache:  the muscles in my right forearm.  It hurts a lot to do arm curls.  Or pick up anything and lift it towards me.  Like picking a cup out of the cup holder in the car and bringing to my mouth is really painful.  We’re going to assume it’s from holding my hands are the wrong angle while typing.  I’m going to concentrate on a better angle for a week and see if that helps.  Ice helped.

Mike is on vacation for the next two weeks and I’m on vacation the third week from now.  When I get back I’m going to start working with him 2 days a week until Marine Corps (end of October).  Luckily, I’m in the habit of going and working at the gym without him.  When I used to work with him 3 days a week (what was I thinking), if he was gone I didn’t go.

I’m edging closer to dieting.  I went to Sprouts this evening and purchased the items that I don’t already own (eggs, tuna) to follow Mike Henderson’s diet for athletes.  Since one of the items is fresh shrimp, I’m obviously going to have to follow the diet in some way for a couple of days to get that consumed before it goes bad.  I was surprized to see that virtually ALL the shell fish at Sprouts is previously frozen.  The filets were not marked in that way.


Food today:  all recorded

Training Today:  ran 4 1/2 miles at race pace


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