Still Resting

00 Ocean SunsetTuesday, 30 July 2013

An ode to Tuesday.  with random fabulously beautiful pictures of California from some link in Facebook.

Interesting day today.  I did nothing in particular.  I don’t think I left the house.  Or at least didn’t drive anywhere.  Very unusual.  I’m resting.  Work kept me hopping between 5:30 AM and 4 PM.  At which point I needed a nap!  I ate lunch sitting in the sun on my front porch and then had a nap.  (And so here I am still up at 10:30.)

00 Big Sur Bridge

I have been reflecting upon my experience on Sunday.  Running trails.  OK, really mostly walking trails.  I ran a bit and walked a bit for 6 miles — running the downhills.  But I walked the entire second loop of six miles.  (And still fell twice and twisted my ankle in a non injurious way.)  I would like to give it a go again next year when I have to be less protective.

The best thing about the Xterra Snow Valley Half Marathon?  It started at 8 AM.  That’s like noon to me.  And it makes for a great morning, in terms of getting up and getting going.

00 Bishop view of ierra

A friend of mine just finished a year of training and the successful completion of an Ironman competition (Vineman).  When you’re really focused on an event, there is absolutely nothing beyond that date.  Until you get close to it, and then it becomes obvious that the world will be turning the next day and the day after that.  I wonder if it diminishes the achievement.  A little, I think.  After a year a TRAINING and a day of extraordinary accomplishment, there are people within arm’s reach of this person, right now, who who don’t know what happened to her on Sunday.

This is the reason people repeat big challenges, because they’re all trained up — or they have the time set aside to go to school — or whatever, and what else are they going to do?  When I got out of graduate school I had to consciously stop going to school and find something else to do.  I had all the time set aside, and I was in the habit of going to school.  It would have been really easy to go get another degree (I keep threatening to get a nursing degree — how gookie would that be?).

00 Highway One

I think this picture, a curve at Big Sur, is my second choice for my blog picture — but I keep finding pictures with people in them to replace an empty road.

In 3.5 weeks I’m running a full marathon.  Getting ready for the big event of the year in 8.5 weeks.  Eek.

00 Yosemite

Food:  mostly recorded

Training:  not a damn thing


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