Running in the Summer…

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

IMG_0734Wednesday, 31 July 2013

At the top of Signal Hill, a little enclave that I think is probably surrounded on all sides by Long Beach, CA, is a street called Rose Avenue.  In the 2400 block of Rose Avenue there are three huge, old homes so gorgeous you can hardly believe it.  (Of course they are surrounded on all sides — but below the sight line — by oil wells pumping, but I digress.)  These are OLD California homes – like bungalows, but sprawling.  Wrap-around porches around the whole house.  Like you’d find in Pasadena/South Pasadena.  In Pasadena they’d cost several million dollars.  In Signal Hill probably less — except for one thing.  The view — it’s forever.  These houses sit on top what was (and maybe still is) a pimple of oil and there is nothing blocking the line of sight — from Catalina to Santa Monica to Newport Beach to the San Gabriel Mountains.

I was chasing the sunset this evening — after a wonderful, astounding, fabulous run — and I came across these houses.  Which I knew existed and have seen occasionally.  But tonight the amazingness of the location just knocked my socks off.  The sunset was pretty fabulous too, and because of the setting sun I don’t have a house picture, but I need to go back and get one.


I spent the day, again, sitting at the computer working on contracts.  And at 2 PM I had had it.  I needed something sweet.  I made tasteless no-sugar-added tree bark — but with honey, too many raisins, and (organic $10+/lb) chocolate chips.   I got the recipe off of Facebook — where it was promoted because it has no added sugar.  Unfortunately, it was the consistency and taste of cardboard with raisins.  Instead of adding/changing one thing — I changed everything.  I don’t care all that much about a little added sugar.  To the recipe, I added a big squirt of honey, all the raisins that were left (a lot), and a handful of the choc chips.  I don’t know what I think.  At least it’s sweeter.

No Sugar Tasteless Pretend Sweet Bars

Then, because I was making a mess in the kitchen, I tried the chick pea cookies again…a can of chick peas, peanut butter (the kind that you grind for yourself at the store), and choc chips (same over-priced organic chips).  Last time I made this, I did it in the VitaMix and the chick peas never got mushed up enough.  The resulting cookies were gritty.  This time I used the food processor.  (I had no almond milk (I’m making more over tonite), so I used chocolate hazelnut milk.  It’s odd on its own.  But I think it’s only to add moisture.  My second choice would have been water.)  The resulting cookies are OK. I’m eating one now and they are very cookie-like — and based on a legume.  However, if I wasn’t into the hassle, just the peanut butter mixed with choc chips (and raisins) would be good, too.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

However, here’s the food find of the week/month!  Annie Chun’s Rice Express.  Like dishes, ready to nuke, with cooked rice in them.  (Obviously I’m not Asian, or I’d have a rice cooker on the counter with fresh rice.)  I nuked one of these for lunch yesterday and it was a great add to a salad.


Finally, my run this afternoon with Katherine Smith was wonderful.  Easy.  Fast.  Easy.  Quick.  At the beach.  Driving home I saw peep running all over less wonderful spots than at the beach.  (God knows I’ve done my share of grinding out the miles through industrial areas…but taking the time to drive to the beach makes SUCH a difference.)  She wanted to run 3 miles — and I got her to go to the Queen with me — 6.5+!  Yeah.


Going into August — I have a full training marathon in 25 days.  And Berlin in 9 weeks.



Food today:  recorded

Training Today:  6.5 mile run at race pace


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