Rose Colored Glasses

IMG_3720Friday, 2 August 2013

Look at this sunset.  I was puttering around in the house, looked into the sky through a back window — and the entire sky was pink.  So I quick grabbed the camera and went out through the front, west-facing door and took this picture.  Pretty fabulous.  A guy from across the street was sorta amused at me taking pictures of the sky.  (He didn’t know I am running on a deficit of grass-laying, looking-at-the-sky time this week.)


I often say the best view in the world is sitting on my front porch and looking across the street.  These are those views.

A lot time ago,  I was sitting on my couch in my house, in March, thinking about how swell things were, how great life was, and how lucky I was.  Within a week something really, really, really bad and big happened.  It has made me gun-shy about thinking really positive things about life while surrounded by great weather in my house.  (I think “in the house” has something to do with it — I’m not hesitant to acknowledge fabulous times outside of the house.)  So today, surrounded by all this pink sunset, I was thinking to myself how wonderful my surroundings are and what a good time I’m having (just generally), and then I almost flinched with the secondary remembrance.  Ohh, thinks I to myself, need to be careful about being too content.  Its been years – apparently the flinch doesn’t go away.

I’m listening to a very interesting book called The Juice by Jay McInerney, a really good writer who really knows and loves wine.  It turns out to be a collection of his writings on wine.  Oh, I just looked him up on google — he also wrote Bright Lights, Big City and a bunch of other novels.  He looks like he drinks a lot of wine.  He’s a heck of a good writer and I’m really enjoying the book.

I worked really hard, again, all day today, at my daytime work, but am bringing a 18-month project to conclusion.  Next week I should be wrapping up a second super-long project — while I’m at a business conference in San Diego.  So I’ll be doing two jobs.  However, the conference is one that I like to attend, so all is well.


Went and had a facial.  Hung around with Kelly, Aidan and the babies (or the burritos, as I like to call them while they’re swaddled and sleeping) for a while.  Came home and took a nap.  How Kelly and Aidan are not taking naps I certainly don’t know!

Packed the car for tomorrow, and it’s off to bed!  An hour (recovery week) at sub race pace.  Hope my pacer is up to it (there’s a lot of complaining to put up with from me).


Food – mostly recorded

Training – facial while resting


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