In the long run

IMG_3720Saturday, 3 August 2013

This morning I ran an hour (56 minutes, really) at substantially under race pace.  Between 2 minutes per mile and 1 minute per mile faster than I can really run.  To do that, I had to walk some.  I am unsure if that’s a good thing.  If I could run 5 miles at, let’ say, 12:30, without stopping, is it better to run all 5 at that pace without stopping or a couple of miles at 11:30 (or faster) and then stop after 2.5 and walk a little?  I’m not walking far, maybe 100 feet or so.  Maybe a little longer.  I wonder?

I’m getting up in 6 hours to go running with Connie for a longer run at a faster-than-usual pace through Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach.  Places I’ve never run before.  Interesting.

After Sole Runners today I had to take a nap and then work ALL afternoon and early evening on a work project.  Which was boring, tedious, detail-oriented, difficult, and made my right arm hurt from the mouse work.  About every hour I got up and ate something.  Hummus on cuke slices with salsa.  Hummus on gluten free cracker-like-thingie with cuke.  (This sounds like american-mexican food — all variations of the same 3 ingredients.)  But done.  I put together a gigantic contract, all the little pieces edited together, etc.  Tomorrow after the run I have to work on my second big project coming to conclusion this coming week (maybe).  And then I can go have fun (while working) in San Diego!

Then this evening I watched the History of the Eagles, again.  I bought the CDs of the story of an American Band when it first came out.  Three outstanding moments in the movie…(1) Jimmy Buffett introduced the Eagles when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ha!   (2)  The movie opens with the band singing acapella before a show.  It’s that harmony that makes the story.  They got their first producer when, just before lunch, they quit playing music and sang an acapella ballad for the guy — and he was blown away at the harmonies.  Who isn’t.  (3)  At the very end of the movie, one of the narrators NOT in the band said the band allows everyone to re-live the 70s they had or imagine they hand or would have liked to have had.  I think that “moment-in-time” ness of their music is a big part of the band, for me.  Last time I saw them was at the Hollywood Bowl.  The MOST quintessential California evening possible, I think.  Also, watching Joe Walsh come together at the end is really gratifying — because he was totally lost before the reunification in ’94.

OK, to bed so I can get up and run at 7 AM!

Food — only partially recorded

Training:  4.75 miles at an average of 11:58




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