Bulldogs on the Stream

IMG_3726Wednesday, 15 August 2013

I went to the University of Redlands, in Redlands, California.  I earned an undergraduate degree in communications and later (much later) an MBA.  In a zillion different ways it has enhanced my life — during the times I was actually in school and afterwards, including today.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 2.02.56 PMThrough an offering at the University, I spent 1/2 of my sophomore year in Hong Kong; 15 students, a professor, and his wife.  I had such a good time that I, with the support of the University, spent my entire junior year back in Hong Kong on my own.  Such an adventure.

Fourteen years ago I attended an alumni event at Hot Creek Ranch, just south of the Mammoth Lakes turn off of Highway 395.  It’s a private fly fishing ranch located behind the Mammoth airport.  Though a delightful coincidence of events the folks attending the alumni event were generous teachers and I had an affinity for the fly casting.

I’ve returned every year since.  In the beginning as a guest, for the last ten years as the co-host with my 14-year-friend, Tom Tomlinson.

This year Tom and I are hosting 12 people who are associated with the University in some way — including the 14-year-old grandson of a University alum from the class of 1962 and his wife, former employee of the University.  The 14-year-old kid caught a fish this morning; he’s over the moon this afternoon looking at pictures of his catch.


This is a picture of the 14-year-old kid fishing (after the catch) in the background and the plaque commemorating the life of Ken Corwin in the foreground.  Ken was the Registrar who admitted me (and virtually every University graduate on the trip) to the University.  As an avid fly fisherman himself, Ken often fished at Hot Creek Ranch (with and without the alumni group) throughout his life.

About 5 years ago we added star gazing at night to the trout fishing during the day.  Two guys bring a HUGE personal telescope and we look at the amazing stars that we can’t see in LA (because of light pollution).

I spent yesterday teaching newbies how to cast and tie on flies.  Today I intended to walk the stream — about 2.5 miles — but I twisted an ankle in the first 1/2 mile (damn it).  So I walked about another mile (over pretty uneven ground), until I decided that I didn’t need to test it any further.  I came back to the cabin and put Phiten all over the ankle and then iced for the rest of the morning.

We’re eating lunch.  Chatting about the kid’s catch and fishing tales in general.  (The fish has grown in since he caught it 3 hours ago!)


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