Baby, baby

IMG_0395[1]Sunday, 18 august 2013

I came home from my vacation with a recovering twisted ankle and enormous happiness.  For 14 years I’ve spend the second (or third) week of August at Hot Creek Ranch with Tom Tomlinson, one of the greatest girlfriends a person could have.  (It cracks us both up.)  Who among us gets to go camping with one of their best friends for a whole week every year.  Uber generous of the Universe to give us this time.  (I love the word uber.)  Because we get to spend so much concentrated time together, we have the kind of relationship where we finish each other sentences (sure the speaker will finish it incorrectly on his/her own).  We don’t talk very often during the year, but we hit the floor in that cabin and we’re off.

Phiten Calf Sleeves

Yesterday I helped with the aide station for the Sole Runners, resting my ankle.  Then I went over to the Phiten warehouse sale and bought armloads of stuff — I’m not kidding.  Phiten is a product that I cannot explain, but it makes aches and pains go away.  The first time Phiten came to talk to the Sole Runners I had no aches or pains, and I thought it was all a lot of hooey.  The second time Phiten came to talk to the Sole Runners I had an aching foot, so I let the rep put “dots” and tape on my foot.  I swear to god, the pain dissipated as I walked away.  That fast.  Everyone I know who uses Phiten has a similar story.

About three weeks ago Heather dislocated her finger in a dog/leash accident while running.  The Coach pulled her finger and got it back into position, then they put Phiten dots all over the finger — no swelling.  When I twisted my ankle in Mammoth, I put dots and tape all over the ankle, and the swelling went down within a couple of hours.  I have no idea how it does what it does — but it’s amazing stuff.  When I run long I put Phiten tape on my lower back, dots on my feet, and tape on my calves — under Phiten calf sleeves.  And I wear Phiten necklaces and bracelets all the time.

Today I went back to the Phiten sale and bought a few more things.  I stopped at OSH, which is going out of business in Long Beach (how in the heck it ever stayed in business, I have no idea), because I have a $27 store credit that I have to use.  I managed to fritter away $8, but I have go to back when I have more time.


At 2 PM Connie and I met Kelly at her home and held babies for a couple of hours.  I love that I can hold a screaming baby and not be in trouble for making her cry.  Taking care of two screamers at the same time is hard.  I’m not really bothered by the crying (I get to go home), but Kelly is bothered by the trembling lip.  (I think its the kid getting ready to be dramatic when she’s older.)  Anyway, as will not surprize anyone, I love those kids.  (And the parents.)


I went to have dinner with my mother and sister.  On the way home, I ran into Frank O-Dark-Thirty, running along Carson Street.  We chatted for a moment.  He’s out for an easy training run as he tapers for Santa Rose — which I’m also running.  I’m sure Frank is gunning for Boston, which I’m just gunning for distance.  This run next Sunday is my last long run before Berlin.  Today, I have no idea how I feel about Santa Rosa.  We’ll see as the time gets closer.


Finally, I am teaching myself to use the mouse left-handed as part of my “fix the arm” program.  It’s cumbersome, but not overwhelmingly so.  It’s not as difficult as writing with the left hand.  I’m pretty sure the problem with my right arm is tennis elbow…and I’m going to call the doc this week to get a prescription to physical therapy.



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