Oh What a Night

IMG_0514[1]Thursday, 30 August 2013

I went for a run tonight.  I did 4 miles at race pace in new shoes.  I felt pretty fabulous throughout and I actually ran a negative split — faster coming home than going out.  My average pace for the distance was race pace — even though I stopped at Von’s to use the bathroom.  So the real running pace was faster than race pace.

The temperature was pleasant between about 7 and 8 pm.  And the sun was just going down as I was getting started.  I had taped up as if I were going to do a serious run…usually I do literally nothing for a up-to-5-mile run and then increasing amounts of support for the distance.  Tonight I just wore all the tape.

I wore my new shoes which are very different than my old shoes.  The new shoes, Altra, do not have as much spring in the step, so you are running relatively more flat-footed, after a fashion.  The Altra shoe has very little padding.  I wear custom orthotics, so I add 1/8″ piece of foam for a little more cushion.  I’m not convinced these are my new serious running shoes.  But I was serious in them today.  The coach said you have to be more mindful of striking correctly (mid-foot strike), running lightly, keeping the core engaged and the energy moving upwards.  I thought about all that stuff.


Afterwards, again, at the coach’s suggestion, I had ice and water with me. and I did an ice soak.  I sat on a bench, soaking my feet in ice and water, feeling virtuous, and enjoying the after-glow of the sunset.  Something I don’t do enough of.  Soaking in the colors.  Soaking in the ice.  Having a chocolate milk.  All wonderful stuff.

Went to watch Aidan do martial arts today at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) where I am a member because of Mike Henderson, my personal trainer and a god.  I got to hold a baby while Aidan martial-ed, dad watched, and mom and I played with babies.

Rachael, daughter of my massuse, and my summer house cleaner for the past 4 years cleaned my house today for the last time this summer — and hopefully the last time ever.  She’s going back to her senior year of college tomorrow.  A lovely, lovely girl with a little on-line business that’s making money.

I’m literally falling asleep at the computer.  I surely have more to say, but I I cannot think what, at the moment.



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