The Labor Day Weekend Show…

IMG_0522[1] Friday, 30 August 2013

I love the summer and if you do, you gotta love the hot.  Well, here it is.  However, the summer of my youth had stunningly LESS humidity.  What’s the hell with the humidity in Southern California?  It’s a desert for christ’s sake.

Today I went and had a mammogram.  The Long Beach Memorial Hospital Breast Center has moved locations.  It’s now located in – I kid you not — the Todd Cancer building.  What the hell is up with that?!  Who thought a good name for a building is the Cancer building?  Seriously, I have been going to this medical group for a long, long time and I am going to have to consider if I’m ever going in the building again.  (Who can I say this to?)  The building is 6 weeks old, start of the art and has been really nicely decorated — and it has a bad name.  (It also has 1,000 cranes – origami cranes – all over the building.  In jars, hanging on strings, etc.  Anybody ever heard of dust?)  Anyway, I had a mammogram and a bone density test.  The bone density tester thought it very mildly amusing when I said “so, I have bones?”.  Impact activity is good for bones, so I’m expecting to hear good things about this test.

Then I went and worked out with Mike Henderson.  And then I went over to Road Runner sports in Torrance to turn in the Conquer the Bridge registrations.  There are so few people registered for the half marathon (like 500) that the guy is giving people (like me, team leaders, after a fashion) the medals.  Nice medal…but I don’t have a use for medals I earn.  What am I going to do with a give away.  (Although next time kids come to the door for a scavenger hunt…I have something to give them without a thought.)


Gorgeous day today, although hot.  I reported on FB that at 9 PM I gave up and turned on the AC.  I wasn’t holding out for/against anything.  I haven’t had it very long and it seems wasteful, generally, to have it on.  But, as somebody (Stewart, I think) used to say, you only need AC in Long Beach 3-5 days a year…but on those days you really need it.  This evening, the breeze never started, so it was hot, still, and humid.  I am enormously more comfortable.


So I’m driving home from the first doc appointment and driving down my street, I drive past a work bench sorta thing out in somebody’s yard with a sign that says $50.  I get to the stop sign at the next intersection and sit there for many minutes thinking.  I turn around and go back.  It would be perfect to stand and work at.  It’s really designed for a garage — so the flat surfaces are particle board, not nicely polished wood or other substance.  But who cares.  It’s from Home Depot, it slides together.   I bet it cost $99 originally; I paid $40.  (The previous owner could not break the third $20.)  Lark came and helped me get it into the house, but in the end I had to disassemble to get into the back room.  It’s bigger than the desk I used to have, but it has storage space that allows me to replace three pieces of furniture with one.  I think that standing to work is probably better for the body than sitting.  I’m pretty pleased.


Clearly a day of skies.

The pinch in my right glute is always there.  My left foot generally doesn’t hurt.  I didn’t do much today, physically, except lift weights.  Tomorrow I am apparently going to do aide stations for the runners.  Sunday I’m going to run the Disney half as part of Team Brian — not because I want to run a Disney event that starts at 5:30 AM, nor because it’s Disney, nor because I want to run in this heat — but because it’s the rights distance on the right day.  And, secretly, for the miles.  I start my mileage count each week on Sunday, so if I have to run 40 miles next week, I want my weekend miles to count.  (And maybe, having written that, I will do the damn Bridge for the miles.)



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