Every One & The Kitchen Sink

IMG_0546[1]Friday, 6 September 2013

It takes more that a village to take care of me.  It takes everyone’s brains and then some.

Starting at least a year ago, and maybe two, I’ve had this “pinch” in my right butt cheek.  (In my glute, I say to people I don’t know well.)  It has been very occasional; hardly ever causing pain.  Except when I try to move into down dog during yoga.  The first time in every class that I move to down dog, I get this ice pick pain in my right glute/butt.  Then I remember and and for every subsequent down dog, I bend my right left moving into down dog, and then straighten the leg.

I’ve told everybody about this at one time or another.  Nobody paid much attention.  My favorite yoga instructor said, “then bend your leg while you move into the pose.”

During the Santa Rosa Marathon two weeks ago, the ice pick pain came back for a bit of the race…I wondered if I would have to DNF on account of pain.  But I worked through it and it went away.  I mentioned the pain to my masseuse in the post-marathon massage, and she worked that glute.

Last weekend I ran the Disney Half Marathon in the heat and I did not have a problem with that spot.   I did not run on Monday (resting my feet, which had not problem during the half marathon).  I had a massage on Tuesday.  My masseuse worked my glutes in the way she always has — and when the massage was over there was a pain in my butt.  Literally.  That was Tuesday about 5 PM.  I went to a business meeting.  And at 8-ish PM I went for a 5 mile run.  The pain was unbelievable.  Every single step was a ice pick in the glute.  By the third mile, I was barely jogging — I was amazed by the pain.  How am I going to run “quality” miles getting ready for Berlin if there is this kind of pain?

Wednesday I stretched, rolled, and stretched that spot all day.  And I went for my long Wednesday run.  I want to run these long distances are race pace — but I was willing to give myself a little slack on Wednesday.  Do the miles at any speed and be ready for race speed the last two runs.  I wanted to run 13 miles, but when I got to 5, the pain was so brutal every step, that I turned around.  Who knew what damage I might be doing.  And I had to get 5 miles back to the car.  I finished, running.  But so slowly.

I sat on ice and soaked my feet in ice.  Then I went home and soaked all of my legs/glutes in hot water and Epson salts.

Thursday morning I talked to my trainer, Mike Henderson, and he suggested it is time to call in the Western medical experts.  That everyone involved is giving their best bet, but nobody really knows what’s going on.  So I called my internist, Sarah Sandall, and she had an appointment open that morning at 11.  I went and saw her, and she referred me to an orthopedist.  She thinks its inflammed bursa under the sitz (?) bone.  Later on Thursday I went to meet with the Coach; we spent at least half of our meeting time looking at pictures of anatomy and talking about what could really be inflammed.  He agreed, it could be as Dr. Sandall thought, or something else in the general area.  He wrote to a doctor friend and got her thoughts on the spot of pain.  And she agreed there were several options, one of which as Dr. Sandall supposed.

So, with fear in my head, I went to see the ortho guy today.  He was fabulous.  FABULOUS!!  I explained that I need to run a marathon in 3 weeks or so, that I’ve trained for this marathon for a year.  I have had this pain for a long time.  I’m glad it came to the surface, because now it can be corrected.  But the timing just stucks.  He took an x-ray of my pelvis (very interesting) and and asked me a bunch of question and then started giving me OPTIONS.

He’s scheduling an MRI just to make sure.  He’s going to alert the cortizone injection expert.  (“With this injection, you want someone who does a lot of them and really knows what they’re doing.  If it was your spine, I’d do it.  But I don’t do many of these.  So I’ll send you to the guy who does them all the time.”)  He’s prescribing a topical anti-inflammatory cream.  He’s prescribing super powerful prescription Advil-like-thing.  And, worst case, there is a pill he can and will give me that will mask all pain for 36-48 hours, and he’ll give me to take to Germany.  He was so cool with all of this.  And explained everything in such a clear, non-doctor-y way.

Young, good looking, knowledgeable.  Friendly.  Can we make this guy famous and rich?  Kasra Rowshan with the Memorial Orthopaedic Surgical Group.

Maybe best of all, other than picking up the prescriptions, I didn’t have to do anything today.  All that stuff starts Monday.

Because right after that I went to see Allen Arnette who listened again to the symptoms.  Who believes he can get the area to calm down THIS WEEKEND.  Who, with me, would avoid an injection if at all possible, but understands that completing the training and running this race to the best of my abilities is REALLY important to me.  He stuck a bunch of needles in my butt.  He later adjusted me, saying my hip was way out of alignment.  Allen is an acpuncturist and a chiropractor and has most often been correct identifying/diagnosing my various aches and pains.  He believes this is a hamstring strain (and it takes forever for it to go away).  He has been working with me on correcting the “pinch” for a long time, but not in such a focused way.

Wednesday night I didn’t sleep — really did not sleep — worried about failing  at this opportunity.  After meeting Dr. Rowshan, today I feel calmer.  And of course in the hands of my regular care-takers I am well cared for.  (And I have a massage, but no elbow-to-butt-trigger-pointing tomorrow afternoon).

I ran 27.75 miles this week — I hoped to reach 30-40.  I may walk 2.25 tomorrow.  These days, the Coach’s usual maxim “it’s time on your feet” doesn’t apply to me.  I have to be doing “quality miles at race pace”.  Next week is 40 for sure.  But I’m resting until Sunday at the earliest, giving all this treatment a chance to “take”.IMG_0544[1]

In other news this week, I (again literally) baby-sat the Princesses while the Price went to his first three days of kindergarten.  This pic is of them sleeping — which I managed — but in 2 hours in the morning, this can be momentary.

23 Days to Berlin.


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