Not Resting Well

IMG_0563[1]Saturday, 7 September 2013

The sunset was amazing in So Cal on Saturday night.  Did you see it?  I was driving along the coast, so the horizon was water, and it reminded me of sunsets off Hawaii.

I have spent the day “resting” and I am completely bored.  I don’t rest well.  It’s the reason, I think, that I sign up for another race, another event, another something.  Because having something to prepare for keeps me busy and engaged.

I got a lot of treatment on my ailing butt yesterday, and I was specifically directed not to run Saturday or Sunday.  I went to Sole Runners today, but did not participate in the 1 hour recovery run (I should have been running 2 hours).  I came home, unpacked the car, took a shower, took a nap and went for a massage.

I talked to the masseuse about my flare-up; she was working deeply on the muscle group with a tool.  And I probably helped by running within hours of the massage.

Then I went to Road Runner and returned a pair of shoes.  I came home.  Made a couple of necklaces.  And I’m ready for bed (my eyes are tired) at 9 PM.  My fear is that if I go to bed now, I’ll be up at 4:30.

I’d watch tv, but it doesn’t work (I cannot figure out the box/cable/remote connection – and I don’t care enough to figure it out).


Tomorrow I’m doing work work because I will be scooting around Monday and Tuesday doing doctor stuff.

I’m thinking about my friends readying themselves for an overnight on Mt. Whitney tomorrow and Monday.  Here’s the closing picture in their honor…


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