IMG_0571[1]Sunday, 15 September 2013

I’m depressed.  A huge number of people that I know ran 20+ miles yesterday.  And I didn’t.  Who in their right mind is jealous of not getting to run an outrageous number of miles?

Actually, what I’m really depressed about is a HUGE training base leaking away.  I may not be peaking right now, but I could do 26 miles without much warning.  (And in fact, I am going to do 26 miles without much training in 6 weeks.  I hope.)

In January, when I started training for Berlin, I had one of those hugely embarrassing runs with the coach.  In which I’m panting and useless.  I always know its going to get better, but until it does, it’s embarrassing.  My last run with the coach, although I forget when that was — a month ago — I was great — well under race pace, no stopping (I think), and strong to the end.

Damn it.  Damn it.

It took me a long, long time to get started today.  I was on the internet, seeing about going to visit friends instead of going to Berlin.  But it’s nearly impossible for me to get excited about packing to go anywhere.  I have to call American Airlines tomorrow and see what the lowest cost reticketing options are.  If I can change the ticket without a charge (maybe, one half of the journey is first class), but it will cost $150 to put the miles back in my account, I may suck it up and go.  But I’m not in the mood to do that today.

It was nearly 2 when I left the house.  First I went through my drawer of swim wear.  I have a pair of long board shorts and two short pair and two chafe guard tops — but no tank suits that fit.  I went to Sears to see if there were any Lands’ End swim suits left.  Not really.  Only two piece tankinis, which aren’t what I need to be swimming in.  So I have to work on that.

When I was first running I documented what I wore every run — including underwear — so I’d have a record of what worked.  (That’s a warning of TMI coming next…)

Wearing the wrong thing elbow-length chafe guard, Champion compression sport bra, and swim skirt (skirt?!), today I went swimming.  I intended to swim 4 laps (one lap being back and forth to me).  I would guess it’s a 25 meter pool, so 1 lap is 50 meters so 4 laps would be 200 meters.  I rested after each lap. I was slightly out of breath.  Hanging on the side of the pool I wondered, “How can I be out of breath?  I can run a long, long way not out of breath?”  And then it dawned on me, that laps might be slower.  I then swam 4 more laps more slowly, including the last two without stopping in between.  (I don’t know how to do a flip turn, so there is a little stop to turn around.)  So I can swim lots more laps slower.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, yet.  The swimming hurt my what-ever-it-is injury a little.  400 meters total.

And getting out of the water (I wore goggles but not a cap), I remember why I quit swimming before…hair damage.  Actually hair color damage.  And now my hair is long – even more sun damaged – there’s more of it colored — and it’s more fragile.  There is a way to protect the color…get hair wet, put on cream rinse (which fills up cuticle of hair), and then put on swim cap.  Arugh.  People seem to like my hair longer…or I should say they generally say nice things about me wearing my hair longer.  But I guess I’m not going to be deterred this time — I’ll cut it shorter if I have to.

Having dinner with my mother and sister, I told them I was going to train for a tri, and they were APPALLED.  Appalled.  My sister said, “you always pick these staggering physical challenges, what on earth are you thinking.”  I was amused.  They didn’t know that triathlons come in “sizes” less than the Ironman.  When I told them about sprint distances they immediately calmed down.  Such a funny reaction.  And of course, given sub-Ironman distances, they agreed it sounds like a great training plan.  (They don’t know about all the new equipment to be purchased.)

I am unhappy about losing my 9 months of training base.  But, I’ve also reflected this weekend about things I’ve done that might have contributed to this injury.  Like, usually I take the six weeks between Winter and Summer seasons off.  But this year I felt a little pressured to run with the between-the-season group — probably my own pressure — so there was no break at all.

Well, walk, lift weights, and swim for a few weeks — with some physical therapy, I assume.  We’ll see if I can run a marathon on that regimen.



One thought on “Depressed

  1. Hey LeAnn… Congrats on the swim! I remember my first time back in a pool, thinking “how hard can this be” ;0). So I swam from one end to the other – well, that was ok – and then half way back went “ugh…” – lol. Thanks for the tip on swimming slower. I will have to try it and see if I like it any better. And have fun training for the tri! :0)

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