I am not a crook…

IMG_0058[1]Saturday, 14 September 2013

This is the day I was going to prove to my coach I could run 20 miles in 4 1/2 hours.  Or not.

It was a fabulous running day — heavy fog all morning except at the farthest ends of the route.  I did the aide station sorta in the middle with Mike, of Mike and Marilyn (how I describe them to everybody).  But I’m at massive loose ends.  I ate too much Mexican food for lunch, took a nap, took a shower (only if you didn’t run can you do that in that order), and then have been puttering around all day.  I made a few necklaces at my new, fabulous stand-up work bench while listening to an audio book.  (Not a good audio book.)

And I balanced my checkbook — or at least worked through 2 months of bank statements this evening.  That was shocking.  On-line banking requires a certain amount of discipline, and I haven’t been using any for at least two months.  What the heck have I been doing?  Monday, I have to call my mortgage company and authorize a same day payment – god know what what will cost.  In the old days (up until about 2 years ago), I took my check — and later the direct deposit statement — and went and did the finances the same day.  My company made a change in how I get paid and somehow I got out of the habit of routinely addressing the bills on a regular basis.  Now I get the bills paid, but so haphazardly.

In some way this is tied to making my bed.  I make my bed every morning.  I feel better if the bed is made.  So I feel better if the check book is tidy with all the ins and outs recorded.

What I think about running today:  I’m pissed off as a year’s worth of effort and conditioning starts to dwindle away.  I’ve been working on my new schedule for the coming year…Saturday run, Sunday ride, Monday swim and lift, Tuesday run, Wednesday lift, Thursday ride and ride and yoga, Friday swim and lift.  If I go buy a swim suit tomorrow when the stores open, I can swim tomorrow.  I have everything else (cap, goggles, long-sleeve rash guard for sun).

When I was coming back into the house (carrying too much stuff) today, I got tangled up in my own legs and all the stuff I was carrying, and I sorta fell into the door jam.  Jarring my injury (or whatever it is).  Such pain.  So the pain goes virtually away over the course of a day or so, then I get jarred, or slip, or have to jam that leg to stop or something like that, and there’s that pain again.  AArrugh.

Kelly, Aidan, and the girls came to Sole Runners today for a morning walk.  When they arrived, Addison was awake and I held her while Kelly and Aidan played around together.  More than one person said “look at LeAnn with a baby”.  Like it was beyond the pale.  It’s true I only really like 3 little kids in the world…but these happen to be the three, so you’d expect that I’d hold them, right?

Finally we had an interesting discussion after the run today.   I am going to try to unhook from the Verizon box, which doesn’t work anyway, and buy a digital TV converter to pull the signal from the air.  If I can I will return the box to Verizon.  I downgraded my FIOS bundle in the last couple of months, downgrading to the basic TV package in order to get the internet speed I want.  FIOS for internet alone is $70/mo.  FIOS for internet and TV is $65/mo.  OK, sign me up for TV.  John Graham says I can buy service directly from hot mail for $40/mo.  Of course I’m at the start of a contract with FIOS, so that will have to wait awhile.


2 thoughts on “I am not a crook…

  1. Hey LeAnn…. Yes, it was a great day for a run. Sara and I did almost 18, while covering many topics under the sun, from work to movies to funerals. Just as I was getting home, I got a call from work. So, a quick walk for the pugs and even quicker shower, I then joined a 2-hr conference call and worked another 2 hours. I had rented some movies, but by that point was just too exhausted. After fighting it on the sofa for 2 hours, I finally picked up the pugs (barely) and we all went to bed. Did not sleep well and am definitely feeling the effects of the run. But I did get to run – sorry that you didn’t. Hope that injury heals soon.

  2. I share your pain, not the injury pain but the loss of conditioning and all the months of consistent effort. My happy running, crossfit, hiking routine has taken a hit these last 6 weeks. I hope in the next month or two to get my life (time) back to focus on new adventures for the coming year.

    Good luck with your tri training, I have a bike if you ever need a partner for a training ride.

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