IMG_0583[1]Monday, 23 September 2013

So today’s the day the trip to Berlin was to have started.  It was fall-like in the morning in LA, warming up to 94 degrees in the afternoon.  I’m a lot more OK with not going to Berlin that the opening would suggest.

I went and saw the ortho guy today.  As he was coming into the examining room, the radiologist was relaying his findings from the MRI done last Friday, “Its severe bursitis, but no tumor”.

This is EXACTLY why I didn’t look on the internet.  It never occurred to me that it was a tumor.

Me and the doc looked at the MRI pictures, and saw the area (about 3-4 inches) of inflammation with a lot of fluid (according to him).  He pointed out that it’s been 2 weeks (and 3 days) since I first saw him — and I am much better.  There is only pain when I do something thoughtless.  But every day walking around – no pain.  He said I should wait two more weeks and then if its not continuing to get better, he’d consider injected strong inflammatory into the area (which I think is French for cortisone shot) — which I’m not going to do.  I was surprized that there was no diagnosis of physical therapy.  In the long run, there is likely an imbalance between the muscles moving that leg around and can I strengthen those muscles?


By the way, let this be a lesson to us all.  If you leave people alone, they will take pictures of what evers around.

Anyway, I left the office, only to see I’d accidentally stolen a magazine on cycling.  100 pages of technology I know nothing about.  (I had earlier ripped out a page that had gear shifting cheat sheet for beginners.)

At noon I had a swimming lesson.  (Tank suit to swim laps in is in route.  Flippy skirt is just for the moment.)  It was really amusing.  When directed to do something the length of the 25 meter lane, I invariably wandered from side to side in the lane, while moving forward.  The Coach had to swim around me in the lane.  The drills were hard to do…hard to conceptualize what I was supposed to be doing.  But when I eventually got to putting the whole stroke together, it is way easier to breathe.  There was a point, tho, at the end, that about 10-15 feet from the wall of one lap I just ran out of everything — air, oomph, energy, everything.  Of course I was on the far side of the pool at that point, so I had to swim at least another 25 meters.

There was one point that the coach said, OK, let’s go again, and I was thunderstruck — aren’t we going to rest a little longer.  I actually think that’s the lap that I pooped out during.

We two decided that swimming can be the same cardio challenge that running is…and there’s a little device (I forget the name) that you can put between your knees, so it becomes entirely an upper body workout (actually, it was really hard to do today, it’s really floaty, but I assume it gets easier).  And, I can spend as much time in the pool as I want to.

There are two huge pools at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.  One is roped into lanes the short way — 25 meter lanes.  The other is roped into lanes the long way — 50 meter lanes.  The Coach said “I want to get us into this pool”.  I had to just look and think “really?”  But I’ve thought and said that before, so I’m sure there’s a day coming when I’m swimming in the big pool.

The only pain today associated with swimming was (1) when I ran out of everything (above), I did the breast stroke over to the wall and that kick hurts and (2) I used the wrong leg to push off of the ladder getting out the pool, and that hurt.

And then I went to see Lisa Fills.  She said I looked like I just came from the pool.  It had been alike 4 hours, but yes, I have been in a pool today.  Lisa made me talk about what about missing the Marine Corps Marathon makes me sad.  I don’t know, but it does.  I have no particular tie to that race — I think it’s the fear of not doing races again.  (I mean, what do I know about severe bursitis?)  She’s worth every penny.  She said “of course you will be running again”.  I wonder if I worry at some level that I won’t be able to.  Have (has?) there been two weeks since 2007 that I didn’t run at all.  Surely so, I just can’t remember them.  There have not been, probably, 4 weeks I didn’t run.  And there haven’t been 4 weeks I was swimming.  So we’ll see.



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