Swimming, day 2

swimming poolTuesday, 24 September 2013

Just when I’ve written all anyone can stand about a single topic (running), I go and start learning something else.

Today I walked 3 miles — which frankly just takes forever — and went swimming.

I cannot walk much faster than a 17-minute mile — which means it takes more than an hour to go 4 miles.  And really 3 miles really takes an hour what with stop lights, etc.  At the beach, on the flat bike path, I can go faster.  But then you have to factor in the drive down there.  Today I walked the neighborhood, which I love, between 5 and 6.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold.  I walked backwards of my regular route, so I could stop at the Walgreen’s on the way home and buy cream rinse for the swimming.  I’ve been running this route since 2007 — and I believe this is the first time I’ve done it backwards.

Last Sunday I did a hilly 5K in 55 minutes.  Last Tuesday I did just 3 miles in 50 minutes.  But today, through a neighborhood with 1 stop it took over an hour.  Now seriously, what else do I have to do?  Nothing.  But still, it feels like moving through molasses.  Even tho’ I’m a slow runner, I now run at least 5 minutes per mile faster than this — which is a heck of a lot.  (OMG!  This is the time difference between my and the coach’s running speeds.  Gack!  The man is a saint.)

Anyway, armed with my new cheep-o cream rinse, I went off to swim some laps at the JCC pool.  I got there at 7.  I did two laps (each lap being 25 yards) of 4 drills…(1) on my back, head back, one arm extended, (2) 3/4 body with one arm extended, (3) zipping up stroke underwater breathing on both sides, and (4) full stroke.  That’s all I could remember.  And then I did 3 or 4 sets of two laps with full stroke.  I tried holding a bracelet in one hand and then bringing the other hand to it — but that was too annoying.  I don’t know which component to concentrate on.  Elbows, fingers across the water, rolling, what.  I’ll find out tomorrow.  I will say this, the lesson yesterday significantly impacted the effort — it’s light years easier.  And the cream rinse under the cap — which is supposed to help protect the hair color — makes the after-swim comb out lots easier.

And I have got to do something about the water behind my ear drums.  When I was a little kid I wore a nose plug.  Which is probably illegal.  (And how will you blow out the air if you’re wearing a nose plug?)  But for at last an hour after getting out of the water my head felt funny.  This may be a problem.

But, in the end, my injury (not really my leg, not really my butt) hurt.  I tried using the floaty tool, which I totally don’t get how to use.  It really cuts down on the body roll, which cannot be good.  So I quit for the day.   And I was wearing the wrong thing (a long sleeve rash guard) and all that fabric got in the way.

At the end I was swimming in the dark.  If I can get used to it, it’s just time.

About once a day this happens…this morning I was hosing down a syrup spill in the garage and I slipped a little on the cement.  I jerked into control and really hurt that injured spot.  Then walking on the pool deck I slipped a little again.  I don’t know how to avoid those little thing.  While I was walking in the neighborhood, I was super careful not to step abruptly off the curb or do anything jarring that would make my leg (OK, I’ll call it my leg) hurt.  But something happens every day to jostle/startle the injury.



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