Minor Amusements

9-28-13 LeAnn & AddisonSunday, 29 September 2013

Well, today was the Berlin Marathon.  My friends, Patty and Chris ran it.  A new world’s record was set.  The weather was perfect.  The pictures are gorgeous.

I slept in.  I hardly, hardly ever get to do that.  Clear to 8:30, although I did have to pet the cat for awhile sometime before that (I didn’t look at the clock).  I had nothing at all in particular to do today, and that’s what I did.  Changed the bed.  Did a load of laundry.  Went to the bead store for a specific kind of bead.  Played in the beads for awhile.  Going to bed late.  (What have I been doing.)

I wanted to write about swimming yesterday.  I wore my new butt-ugly, but functional suit — and  it is VERY functional.  Worked really well.  Standing in the shower after swimming I was a lot more pleased with it than I had been standing in my bedroom in front of a mirror — very likely the absence of the mirror helped.  I was standing under the water, reading the tags in the swim suit — this one has an extra tab in it that says “Name_____________________”.  How cute is that.  Like maybe women (?) will be going to camp and need to label their gear?  I have no idea.

I swam more, at one time, yesterday than probably ever before.  8 warm-up laps doing the drills I’m supposed to do.  And 20 laps practicing having my hands meet at the top of the stroke.  It’s hard to keep track of how many laps I’ve done, so I was taking off a bracelet and laying on the deck every other lap — first I took them off one at a time.  And then I put them back on one at a time.  The warm up laps don’t really count because I’m just doing one little movement in each one.  Well, maybe for kicking they count.  I timed the 20 laps, but there are significant stops along the way.  (Not as many as before I had a lesson, but stops none-the-less.)  I was only wearing four bracelets and a watch.  In future, I’ll have to wear more bracelets.

When I got into the pool yesterday there was a drowned bee floating in the water, so I scooped it onto the deck so it wouldn’t be floating around me.  When I finished the laps, the bee had revived and was making a stab at getting going again.  I stood in the pool and watched that bee for a really, really long time (like 20 minutes).  First it drug itself around with just its front legs.  Eventually the middle legs got going.  Then the back legs dried off enough to work.  Then it had to walk around for a long long time until its wings dried off enough to un-stick from its body.  Then with its wings out it walked around, perilously close the the lip of the pool, but apparently the feet are sticky or something so it could go over the round lip.  When it seemed just on the verge of flight – the damn thing fell back in the pool.  I scooped it out again, but didn’t wait to see what happened next.  Don’t mess with Darwin.

I’m going into week 2 of the 3-week whole body cleanse.  This is the difficult week — at the end of the week there are two days of total juice fast.  But it’s only two days — and they’re Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking of that, I stopped at Robeck’s today sorta for lunch.  I had a juice drink that had kale (3 leafs with stalks), spinach (a handful), apple (2), and celery (3 stalks).  for $5.  That is no where near the cost of the produce used — which if organic might cost $1.  I was trying to rationalize the convenience of not having to drag out the juicer, etc., etc.  What an amazing amount of money to spend on something you drink.  Another first world story.

Kids that I know came to Sole Runners on Saturday.


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