Paying the Piper

10-31-13 AidanOctober 31 2013

Lightening Man.  A kid who literally has dozens of store-bought costumes had his mom create a unique super hero costume for Halloween.  No mom was consulted in the creation of Halloween.  All those moms gluing, sewing, and pinning.  (It reminds me of my mother making ballet costumes, but that’s another story.)

10-31-13 Addison and Keliegh

Accompanying Lightening Man this year were a ladybug and a chicken!  Could their eyes be any bluer?  It’s so interesting to hold the girls, now.  They both weigh over 10 pounds…up 6 pounds from birth.  And they’re bigger than your hand.  They are clearly still babies, but they’re rushing into the world at such a pace!

10-31-13 Paleo Soup

I spent today not eating things.  And eating enormous amounts of “clear” things.  I started Day Wellness’ Restoration Diet today.  Three weeks of eating a diet with foods to which people are not generally allergic.  Then adding allergens back into the diet and testing to see what you feel.  On the do not eat list:  dairy, eggs, gluten, tomatoes, corn, soy, peanuts, beef, nightshades.

On the eat list are most things I eat naturally, although the direction seems to be to cook more than eat raw.  (Left on my own, at least 50% of my diet is raw.)

Unfortunately/fortunately, because I new this day was coming, I have been eating gluten and sugar almost non-stop for the last 10 days.  I am having sugar withdrawals today of major significance.  I eventually ate some dates, nuts, and almond butter in an attempt to shut down the cravings.  Although not refined white sugar, one of those three things did the trick — or maybe all of them.

Last night I put a chicken in the crock pot and cooked overnight.  This morning I divided the stock and chicken into three, put one back in the crock pot and the other two portions in the fridge.  I added a box of mushroom stock, a bag of baby carrots, a hunk of kale, 2 cups of previously roasted potatoes, and a cup of cooked rice.  I cooked that all day, and ate that all day.

I’m off to bed before anything else calls my name from the kitchen.



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