My Left Foot

IMG_0682[1]1 November 2013

This is how my day started…the Princesses playing with toys.  Not being into kids, particularly, it’s astonishing to see them grow and change.  They’ve gone from the tiniest little things doing nothing at all to medium size little things reaching out for toys.

On Fridays Mom walks the kid to school (as she does every other day, but usually with the girls in a stroller) and then volunteers in the classroom for an hour while I putter around with the girls.  Actually, these Fridays have gone from holding them both so they don’t cry to watching them take naps.  Eventually, tho, they’re going to be crawling and that will be chaotic.


This one, today, would not sit in a chair and nap, but insisted on being held.  I eventually had to sit down because she’s so heavy.

Today I played with Princesses, worked, had acupuncture, worked a little more, and got ready for tomorrow.

My acupuncturist, Allen Arnette, is the single most effective body worker that I have.  He correctly diagnosed the inflamed bursa long before anyone else and without 2 MRIs.  I had him look at my feet today.  My left foot hurts a little on the top and both feet are still swollen from the race last Sunday.  (I’ve been wondering if it has anything to do with flying after a race.  Although I’ve done it many times without linger swelling.)  After carefully examining both feet, he’s identified a structural difference between the two feet.  The left foot has an “unnatural” drop between the cuneiform/cuboid bones and the metatarsal bone on the outside three toes.  The arch over those bones is higher on my left foot compared to my right.  So as the left foot strikes the ground the spread is different (less) because the bones are slightly displaced.  He suggested focused work on my feet — with Mike, with the masseuse, and with acupuncture – including deep tissue work on the facia on the sole of the foot.

11-1-13 Foot

The fabulous news is that he said the probably was limited to the foot and not related to the ankle (my Achilles – no pun intended).  He also said the matter presents as a classic dropped metatarsal head, but it is not painful in that way (whatever that is).  So good.

11-1-13 Foot 2

I put in this picture because it cracks me up.

Tomorrow…I’m not starting the march towards anything.  France next November, maybe.

Today was the second day on the Restoration Diet.  I ate protein shakes with fruit, almond butter, and hummus with celery.



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