SSlloowwllyy turning over the new leaf

11-3-13 John LeAnn Kelly Aidan 3 November 2013

I did not all that much today except take pictures, yell at runners, and hold babies.  And grocery shop and cook.  And laundry.

I was watching the New York City Marathon right up until the moment I had to go to a local race.  I see the elite runners whiz by every year at the LA Marathon, but it’s interesting to see the event from the “news” perspective.  They showed us the start of each wave, but the camera moved all around taking different angles, so even if you knew what wave your friends were in, there was no chance you’d see them start.

In that marathon were three fun people.  These three (of 4) who were randomly thrown together about 18 months ago, who worked really well as a team through a serious of successes and set-backs, to the celebration of their team’s creation today.  Aren’t they cute in the various orange accents.

11-3-13 Steve Monica David

I left the computer streaming of the NYC Marathon to go to “Run Like It’s Recess”, benefiting a local elementary school.  I was sorry to see that the turnout this year was significantly smaller than in years’ past.  My group being an example.  Last year we probably had 20 runners.  This year we had 1 adult and three kids.  I got drafted into finish line duty – yelling at runners “tear off the bottom of your bib and hold it in your hand” as they came through the chute.  The organizer (Frank Coleman) just grabbed everyone he knew by name, I think, and sent us off to volunteer at the finish.  The first 4 or 5 young boys that crossed the line — maybe 10-12 years old — puked as soon as they crossed.  That was icky.  The rest of the arrivals went without a hitch.

11-3-13 LeAnn Aidan

When Aidan ran over to say hello, somehow we got tangled up, and ended up on the ground.  So I made him have a picture with me.

11-3-13 Aidan LeAnn

and then another

11-3-13 LeAnn Aidan 3

After the race, I went over and watched Aidan play water polo (called “splash ball” for little kids) and held babies.  I have baby pictures, but I think they amuse no one outside of the parents and me.

But!  I had a bright idea today.  Get up 30 minutes earlier.  Really, go to bed 30 minutes earlier (which I’m not doing right this second).  And then get up 30 minutes earlier.  Instead of not knowing when I’m going to shower and get dressed, I could do it before the day starts.  (I know that sounds not like rocket science, but I’ve been sleeping right until 7 AM and then JUMPING out of bed and turning on the computer and maybe working until noon and wearing whatever I find at hand.)  Getting up at 5 is BAD for my body clock.  But getting up at 6:30 probably isn’t so bad.  (It’s going to be dark no matter when I get up, so what’s the extra 30 minutes.)  I’ve re-set the alarm clock.  We’ll see how this works.



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