Not Even a Grape

11-4-13 Grape4 November 2013.

Got up at 6:30 today and it did not kill me.

I am a winter WIMP.  It’s the first day of fall weather, really, and I had space heaters under every desk ready to keep my toes warm.

Posted a question on Facebook about television antenna and got LOTS of good input about what I might to before I give in to the extortionist pricing of the various cable companies.

Went to see Lisa Fills and got my marching orders for this first week of health focus…

1)  Be super aware of what I eat between 7 and 9 PM (and don’t eat it)

2) Stop eating by 7 PM

3) Weight lifting 3x a week

Apparently Oprah did not eat after 7 PM the year she trained for a marathon — “not even a grape” — is the quote that everyone seems to know.  I have been told recently that (1) one should not eat within two hours of going to bed, because the body needs to perform “housekeeping” functions and it takes all the asleep time plus 2 hours to get those accomplished and (2) the body seems to do better with a 12-hour fast every day (back up 12 hours from whenever you eat your first meal).

All of this dove-tails into the directions not to eat carbs at night, don’t eat after dinner, and stop eating by 7 PM.

If I can incorporate something into my routine, I don’t have much trouble following my own directions.  So this week, I’m really focusing on not eating after 7 pm…


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