It takes about 9 weeks…

11-5-13 Couch5 November 2013

It takes about 9 weeks to lose your conditioning.

A long, underneath injury came to the fore during the first week of September (let’s say 9/3) and although I went almost immediately for examination and diagnosis, it took nearly 3 weeks to get that diagnosis and it was severe bursitis.  Prescription:  rest.  Nothing else.

For the three weeks I was waiting and the next two weeks I attempted to maintain my cardio base with brisk walking, swimming, and a little spinning.  That was apparently not enough resting, so the Universe sent me the curse of the kindergarteners and I was sick, sick, sick for at least two weeks and recovering for 10 days or so.

I know that the important thing is to be able to go into Ralphs on my own two feet when I’m 80 and do my own grocery shopping.  Or, as happened this weekend, maybe to finish a marathon at 87, time be damned.  (In the second example the woman died the next day, but I’m not sure that’s particularly a bad/sad story.)  So no single race or event is worth risking long term, serious injury.

Two weeks ago I ran and walked a half marathon — and that was really hard.  Virtually all parts of me ached and were swollen for a week afterwards.  Although the good news is that after it was warmed up, the bursa didn’t hurt.

Saturday I intended to run 5 miles, and again, once warned up, the bursa didn’t hurt, but after 1 mile, my hamstring was so knotted up that I turned around and walked back.

Tonight I went to yoga.  It’s unbelievable the strength I’ve lost.  Or, looking at it more positively, maybe, it’s unbelievable how strong I used to be.  I simply don’t have the core and inner leg strength to do the big poses.

I SO MUCH did not want to go to yoga tonight.  When I realized how much I didn’t want to go…that was the motivation to get me out of the house and to class.

For awhile, I trained for a big race, and then took it easy for a season.  In 2012 I trained all year for a big race (Berlin) and then attempted to maintain that high training level into a second full year of training.  Couldn’t do it.  Or, didn’t do enough cross training and muscle protective work to do it.

And now I’m starting from scratch.  Again.

There’s nothing to do but to do it.

Or to figure out the tv antenna thing and eat pizza.

11-5-13 Couch Potato


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