When my head says “no”…

IMG_0719[1]8 November 2013

On the road back to fitness, when my brain consciously says “no, I don’t want to do that”, I know to go do it.

Today I was in the car ready to head over to the gym for spinning and clear as a bell my brain said “no, I don’t want to go”.  I started the car and started to drive away from the gym.  Until I realized that when the decision was conscious (as opposed to doing nothing, continuing to sit in the house, and thereby not going), I have to push against it.

I went spinning for about 40 minutes.  Not at all-out pace, but at a “welcome-back-to-spinning-it’s-been-NINE-weeks” pace.

Then, on the promise it would be stretchy and not balls to the wall, I went to yoga.  Which was VERY stretchy and something I need to do more of at home.  It was really good on my bursa and hamstrings.

I am not good at balance poses in yoga.  Becoming better would be an excellent, non-impact (except in the event of falling over) goal to work on next year.

Finally, I accidentally took somebody’s television remote when leaving their house today.   And I live too far away to take it back immediately.  Which means (1) their house is probably a mess, as they looked ALL over for the remote and (2) they can only watch one channel for the night.  Think how after you’d looked EVERYPLACE, you’d think “WTF could have happened to the thing”…and really, only after a long while would you suspect the guest stealing it.



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