Rainbow Loom…

IMG_0749[1]10 November 2013

Don’t get me started with something new.  I’ve been asking about these rubber band bracelets for at least two weeks.  I was in JoAnn’s and Michael’s today and found out it’s a kit.

Remember when you wanted something when you were a kid and you had to save and save for it?  You don’t have to do that now.  I bought the kit and came home to make rubber band bracelets.  How much do these things well for?  How many do I have to get out of the initial box to recoup my investment?  ($16.99 plus tax — no coupons)

The instructions inside the box, although clearly written, I guess, were incomprehensible.  But the instructions referred me to You Tube.  Such a product of the era.  Don’t even bother to fully explain…just send it out to the masses.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to You Tube videos of 13-year-old girls this afternoon do a really good job of explaining how to make these bracelets.


I obviously have to make an orange one for Aidan and then I’m probably braceleted-out.  With like 400 rubberbands left over.


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