Not Piling on the Miles

IMG_283116 November 2013

My friend Monica is conducting a November challenge Piling On the Miles, in which peep commit to an amount of weekly activity.  The goal is, obviously, to offset the eating on Thanksgiving day with additional activity during the month.  I picked what I thought was a conservative number — 20 miles a week.  Not gonna make it.  I would like NOT to feel bad about missing this commitment (and goal).  And I mostly do (not feel bad).

(Good news other POTM participants, no chance I’ll win one of the prizes.)

IMG_0319[1]I have a complete lack of burning desire (let me stand next to your fire) (yes, I do crack myself up).  And it comes from not having a big race coming up.  Which is a good thing, I think.  I’m not pushing too hard to get back into shape for some exterior goal.  I’m just meandering into more activity, slowly.  This week I walked with Scott twice, did spinning (relatively hard), and yoga (stretchy).

I walked with Scott last night (probably 3 miles) and decided that I was not going to run this morning.  I fully intended to go to Saturday night yoga, but when it dawned on me it was the right time, it was 6:30 – and yoga starts at 6.  Oops.

So my plan for the coming week.  Run once, walk twice (once with Kelly and the kids), spin, yoga twice, and swim once.   Starting tomorrow.

IMG_0719[2]I was telling Allen Arnette about my lack of drive and he suggested that I am in “deep recovery”.  Which I like.

I am doing stretching exercises for my whole body’s fascia.  And I am thinking about what I’d like to be doing in 2014 — what I want to train for seriously.  I’m going to run a marathon in the Fall, so I have to train hard during the summer.  But the lesson I’m taking away from a year full of injuries, one after the other, is rest.  Not complete rest like I’ve been doing lately, but rest as a friend to activity.

One of my goals in 2014 is to work on my balance in yoga.  I don’t have good balance on one leg, never have had since I started doing yoga, and haven’t much worked on it.  (I know that’s a function of core strength as much as anything else.)

Runner set stupid, completely random goals for themselves.  I have a friend who wants to run 50 marathons by the time he’s 60.  Why?  Just numbers he picked.  Again, my friend Monica decided she’d run 13 half marathons in 2013, and I, for some unknown reason, thought that was a good idea, and sorta aimed for that too.  (Disclaimer:  I know Monica personally and adore her, but we aren’t like serious friends.  Just fun friends.  So, no I cannot get you a lock of her hair.)  And I would have really done that if I hadn’t had to miss two marathons along the way with this injury.   But I am scheduled for a half marathon (Santa to the Sea) on December 8th, and when I complete that — and I will finish if I have to walk the whole 13 miles — I will have done 13 half/full marathons in 2013.

IMG_0754[1]I don’t know what my goals in 2014 will be — weigh less to run faster, improve yoga balance poses, run a marathon in the Fall, do a triathlon.  (That last thing will only happen if (1) I get on a bike and (2) I ‘m not scared and (3) I don’t suck.)   I would also like to have as much fun doing events in 2013 as I had this year (which is why I did so many things to my eventual detriment, not that I’m complaining about the fun).

There’s an event coming in the Spring that I’m not going to do — the Catalina Marathon.  But I might go for the event.  That would be a super good goal for me — go to an event for the run, but don’t run the big distance.  (There’s a 5K and a 10K, so I could do the 10K while my friends are running all over the island.)  Actually, this would be a SUPER goal for me because it would get me out onto the hills of PV for the work, while not forcing me into the long distances immediately.

Another friend of mine (two, actually) is doing the Ironman AZ tomorrow.  I’m going to get up early to watch the start “live”.  (OK, 1 minute delay.)  On the computer.  I am so excited for Carlos to complete this journey.  What a great day.  (All the better because I’m not in AZ being tempted to sign up for next year.)


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