Monday, 18 November 2013

I’m coming back.  Today I went swimming, probably for the first time since September (who can remember).  I wore my swim suit that has some style.  I made a decision that I’m going to change how I practice.  I’m going to do my 4 warm up exercise laps (50 yards each) with as little stopping in-between as possible.  And then I’m going to swim laps (1 lap = 50 yards) WITHOUT  STOPPING in-between.

In the past, I swam a lap, rested, swam another one, rested, etc.  I was up to 21 laps and I thought I’d get to some marker — like 1/2 mile — and then start stringing them together.

That was then, this is now.  Today I did the 4 laps of warm up.  Then I did 2 laps.  And I was completely winded and gasping at the end.  The rest of my body could have done a lot more.  But I couldn’t breathe anymore.  I panted hanging onto the side of the pool for awhile.  Then I got out and was unsteady on my feet.  REALLY unsteady.  But that went away after awhile (like 20 minutes).

What was good was that between the locker room and the pool it was cool, but the water was a little warm.  So it was pleasant being in the water.  If I can make the time in the middle of the day to go swim, during “lunch”, say, it should be OK.

Oh, the top of my left foot hurt on the down kick; who knows what that is.  It hurts when I’m barefooted and not in the pool.  It’s not broken, I’ve had a stress fracture.  I know how that hurts.  Whatever.

11-17-13 IRONMAN Swim

This past weekend was one of physical exertion by virtually all of my friends…I didn’t leave the house yesterday.  I watched the IRONMAN AZ race all day yesterday and into the night.  Watching the IRONMEN in the water before the race — I was so anxious.  Once the canon fired, I was completely relaxed.  All of the people doing the race could do the event.  It was the day all the hard work paid off.

It’s so wonderful to see someone work hard for something and get it.  Maybe running is like that (in the non-professional ranks).  Fate may screw you.  Physics or the physical may screw you.  But people or politics hardly ever do.  If you will do the training, and the fates are with you, you can do the event.  Interesting from someone against whom the fates and physical aligned this year.

I want to do an IRONMAN.  There.  I’ve said it.  But I don’t think I can.  I can’t run fast enough at the end of the day.  I have never swum anywhere near that far.  And I’ve not been on a bike in 20 years, and never ridden anywhere near 112 miles.  So I don’t come to it with a strength in any of the requirements.  Glass Half Full Moment:  In the above, the component that doesn’t throw me is the marathon.  I HAVE completed marathons so in at least one of the disciplines, the distances doesn’t throw me…the time is the issue.

Tomorrow I’m walking with Scott (if he’s recovered from the flu) and Kelly/kids.  Wednesday I may swim after work.  Thursday is spin and yoga.

My days are better balanced if they involve some sort of workout (no matter now lame and short).  I guess better days are coming (as my ability to work longer grows).


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